5 Tips for a successful email marketing campaign

Top five tips on running a successful email marketing campaign

5 Tips for a successful email marketing campaign

What is the importance of an email marketing campaign? The answer is quite simple. It allows a business to promote its brand or services to multiple recipients at once. Special offers, newly launched products and other benefits can be sent via email to customers and help convert potential ones.

We also need to understand that the content must be relevant and provide valuable information to keep customers engaged, drive sales and build a community around your brand. Mentioned below are 5 tips on how you can create a successful email marketing campaign:

Choosing the right email marketing software:

With hundreds of Email Service Providers (ESPs) in the market, it is hard to know which one is right for your business. So the first step is to find the correct ESP to send and manage your email marketing campaigns and email subscribers.

Setting your goals:

What is the aim of your email campaign? Set your goals from the start. Knowing this will help you select the type of email, the design and create valuable content for your recipients. Remember to set realistic goals.


Who doesn’t like to feel noticed?

We appreciate it when big brands or businesses put in those little efforts to add personal touches and pay attention to small details. A small example is using the subscriber’s first name in the email subject line and content (“Hi Freddy!”). A little effort goes a long way to make people feel valued and understood as a customer.

Establish the Relevance of the Email Right Away:

According to a recent study, the attention span of a human being is 8 seconds. Therefore actionable words are deemed appropriate to be used in the subject line and the content as well. If your customers or potential customers do not find the relevance of your email within the first few seconds, they are not going to read it. 

Words like “Upgrade” or “Transform” or “Discover” will direct the reader to your product or service. Please keep in mind that relevant content must follow it in the body. For example, if your subject line says, ”Upgrade your current plan before 7pm tonight”, you must make sure that your body indeed has a means that the customers can click and take advantage of the offer.

Email Template:

Design is crucial in email marketing and is just as important as the content. We have to keep in mind that the look and feel of your email should resonate with your business target audience. It should communicate a message about your company and its values. 

Don’t clutter your email with too many images. Please use high quality and medium-sized photos that will serve your purpose. Avoid generic images that you get online. They would not add any value. 

Apart from these tips in your emails, please ensure that your content and aesthetics suit your brand voice perfectly. Don’t be afraid to add some personality to your marketing content. Doing so will only keep your brand in the minds of your customers and your prospects. Keep in mind to incorporate different relevant methods and use your best strategy while sending out your emails. Doing so will only help your brand and business grow.