How To Customise Stock Photos

How you can customise stock photos to make them your own!

How to Customise Stock Photos

Having images on your website can have a huge effect when it comes to the initial styling of your site. They can determine the look and feel of your site. Most of the time, just having a simple photo can tell a story.

Having the right images are important but can be expansive. Don’t let this get you down because there are alternatives. With a few simple tricks, you can turn the standard stock photo into the perfect image for your site.

Tweak the colour

The colour or the tone of the image is one of the most significant ways that you can tell that you are using stock images. This is usually because the pictures taken are from a variety of photographers with different styles using different types of light. By spending time on photoshop or lightroom to change the tone of your images can make them look like they have been taken by the same photographer.

How about changing your image to black and white

One primary way to change the style of your image is to turn it black and white. Changing your image black and white does a couple of the following things to your vision.

  • You lose the tone and the colour of the image. This is an excellent thing to do to meet the team photos because it makes the pictures look more cohesive even if they are just photos employees provided themselves or they weren’t taken inconsistent light.
  • Black and white images also create a contrast between the design of your website. Colour saturates designs and other ideas, so by removing it, you are making your photos more distinct.

Create a collage

On some occasions, you will find that using a single image doesn’t tell the entire story. By being able to create a collage on your page allows you to control the spacing and the alignment of how they are placed on your site. Doing this might also influence someone to pin your collage on Pinterest, which also like back to your site.

Add some text and other elements

Using some creative manipulation can be the way forward to help your images feel integrated into your site. Google isn’t able to read the text on your pictures but people can. So the text won’t help your SEO but will grab peoples attention. Just keep that in mind when if you do this because you will have to include the text somewhere on the page for it to be seen by Google. Images that have text on them are noticeable on platforms like Pinterest. 

Gradients and colour highlighting

Before we talked about changing a colour image into black and white. But if you wanted to make your image more dynamic, you can start to use a colour gradient or even a colour highlight. Keeping just a small part of an image in colour can grab users attention towards your vision. This technique is used a lot for header images and slider images which makes a stock image more unique to you.