How To Keep Sales High After The Holidays

How to keep your online sales high after the festive holidays

How To Keep Sales High After The Holidays

For many people, the new year represents the beginning of a new journey. People set targets, new year resolutions, and think about where the year will take them to next.

For many business owners, however, the new year is almost a time of sorrow… After thriving on the high sales and profits from the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas sales, the new year is the come down. No more discounts, no last-minute holiday shopping rushes, and maybe even a rush of returns or refunds!

In this blog, I will highlight how business owners can keep their sales high after the holiday.

Another sale

This first tip isn’t brought to you by a rocket scientist. One of the easiest and simplest ways to continue your sky-high conversions is to run another sale! 

People don’t shop more in November and December because they just feel like it. They shop during the festive season because of the discounts that come with it. So the advice is simple: keep the discounts coming, and the shoppers will keep on shopping!

New Year New Attitude

Like I highlighted in the introduction, people change in the new year. They have a new resolve and determination to be a better person, whatever their idea of betterment may be. eCommerce owners need to target and market to this new year attitude.

Amazon is a great example of this. Amazon runs offers and actively promotes specific types of products in anticipation of this attitude. These products include the likes of fitness equipment/videos, travel books, musical instruments, running shoes, accounting software etc. These products are not related to each other at all, but they are all related to the general idea of bettering yourself – fitness products for those looking to lose weight, travel bookings for those looking to travel more, musical instruments for those looking to learn a new skill.

In fact, all of these products directly related to the top five most common new year resolutions:

  1. Exercise more
  2. Lose weight
  3. Get organised
  4. Learn a new skill or get a new hobby
  5. Live life to the fullest

You need to recognise that your audience changes from December to January. They may be the same people, but they don’t have the same mindset. 


For many eCommerce websites, the festive season is the most popular time of the year – both for sales and website traffic. You can’t miss out on the opportunity to retarget this vast amount of users. Whether it’s through email marketing, GoogleAds or social media, you should be getting your products back in front of these hyper-relevant users.

This brings us onto our next point;

Stay in front of the customer

Don’t let all those holiday shoppers just forget about you. You should keep your business in front of your customers after the sales. This isn’t just about shoving your products in people’s faces though, this is about maintaining and building brand awareness. Tell people about how your company is changing, share some insightful tips or guides about your products, inform them about any new product launches you’re planning etc. Just like you hate having to sit through adverts before watching the football highlights on Sky Sports, so too do people hate receiving 5 sales pitches in their email inbox everyday. 

Build an actual relationship with your customer with thoughtful, engaging and useful content – this is the best way to build up the customer lifetime value.