Optimise Your PPC Adverts For Christmas

How to optimise your GoogleAds PPC campaign for Christmas

Optimise Your PPC Adverts For Christmas

Christmas means one thing: shopping. In the digital age, and especially during the times of the never-ending pandemic – it’s all about shopping online. With all the millions of people across the country that will be searching Google for their Christmas shopping, you can’t afford to let your website sit on page two of the search results. It’s too late for SEO to do anything – so what do you do? You take to GoogleAds!

In this blog I’ll be highlighting 5 useful things you can do to optimise your GoogleAds campaign for selling products at Christmas.

Create new ad-groups

When people are searching for products around Christmas, their search terms generally change to make sure they get the best deals. For example, someone searching for “new running shoes” will now be searching more along the lines of “running shoes best christmas deals”. To get the best performance from your ad campaign for these type of searches, it is recommended to create new ad groups to target the more festive versions of your keywords. This also allows you to create unique adverts filled with festive copy to help you reach these searchers better.

New landing pages

Creating new landing pages is another way of laser-targeting Christmas shoppers. Take our last example, “running shoes best christmas deals” – we need to serve this user with a landing page dedicated to running shoes that are included in the shop’s Christmas deals. We don’t want to serve them a generic running shoes product category which includes full price products that aren’t on sale. This will improve the user experience and the users will actually be seeing the products they are asking for.

Include Christmas copy

Your adverts should be optimised to include Christmas-specific copy. For example, you can use Promotion extensions to showcase your Christmas deals and discounts. You can also include copy in your ads such as “Order now for delivery before Christmas” to create a sense of time-urgency within your adverts. One overlooked method is to include an extended return policy on your products at Christmas – people know there’s always a chance their gift isn’t going to be the best choice, so a return policy that goes beyond Christmas is always a good sight to see.

Readjust bids for Christmas shoppers

It doesn’t take a genius to know that the Christmas season means there will be a big uptick in the amount of people shopping online. With more people shopping online, your keywords will (most likely) be gathering more impressions, more clicks and probably costing more too. This will mean you are using up your budget quicker and therefore your adverts are not as visible as they could be.

For Christmas, it is best to keep track of your best-converting keywords and add extra bid adjustments for these keywords, whilst reducing or even pausing other keywords that may not be seeing as much of a cost-per-conversion. This will allow your adverts to remain visible and ensure your budget is being used for the best conversion results.

Increase your campaign budget

Following on from the previous point, you also need to be increasing your budget. If you want to ensure your campaign is going to stay running at peak performance and won’t run into any “Limited by budget” issues, you’re going to want to open your budget more. To ensure you’re not simply throwing money down the well, you should also switch up your bidding strategy to target cost-per-conversion (official name “target CPA bidding”). Obviously you are still going to be using up your budget, but with a bidding strategy like cost-per-conversion, your net spend should remain in a healthy state to ensure you can turn a profit from your Christmas GoogleAds.