How To Plan Your Web Design Budget

How To Plan Your Web Design Budget

How To Plan Your Web Design Budget 

You might be starting a brand new business, standing at the precipice of an exciting new project that deserves a dedicated website, or determined to take your company into the 21st century with an upgraded website.

A talented web designer can bring your vision to life, creating the perfect web presence to lead your business to new levels of success. There’s no question that custom web design will cost you — but how much?

Unless you plan your web design budget out ahead of time, you’ll have to compromise at some stage. You’ll either get a more basic business website than you wanted, or you’ll have to scramble to find the funds for the website of your dreams.

The good news? If you plan your web design budget out carefully in advance, that’s one problem you won’t run into. At Blue Whale Media, we’ve helped countless businesses build beautiful and successful websites — so of course, we have some helpful pointers for you, too. Here’s how to properly plan your budget for a new web design project.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Web Design Company for Your Business Website?

Let’s be clear. Some (very small) businesses can build a successful web presence with the help of one of the countless DIY website-building platforms that are so popular now and use those template-based websites to attract traffic and customers. 

The harsh reality is, however, that your business website is bound to be one of your main ways to connect with the world, and potential customers will judge you on its looks as well as its functionality. A bespoke website made just for you will match your brand and your values and build credibility amongst your visitors. It will also be more intuitive to navigate, as the features a professionally-designed website offers are made just for you. 

In the world of web design, much like anywhere else, you get what you pay for — and investing more is likely to pay off, especially when it comes to such an essential aspect of your future success as a website.

What to Consider as You Plan a Budget for Your Web Design Project

Even before you start to consider a budget, think what you are aiming to do with your website:

What features does the website need to have? Will you need an eCommerce platform, a live chat feature, a product-tracking function, or a selection of downloadable content?

How many pages do you anticipate you need? Are you creating a static website with no more than 10 pages, through which you inform your audience about your project or business? Will you constantly be adding new content in the form of a blog?

Does your business only need help with web design, or are you also after additional services such as maintenance, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), help in setting up eCommerce services, or help with crafting Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy?

Do you have a particular vision for the design of your website? Can you describe it briefly so that the web design team you choose can craft it for you? Or are you not sure what you want yet?

When you know what you need from your web design company and can communicate it clearly, it will become easy to get accurate quotes. In many cases, businesses find themselves going well over their initial budgetary estimates for the simple reason that they discover they need more features than they first thought. 

Likewise, being able to tell your web designer precisely what your design preferences are will cut back on the need for revisions — saving you money in the long run. 

If you know that you want to leave space for more advanced features, including eCommerce, but are not ready to add them yet, you can communicate that, too. Your web designer can keep your future plans in mind as they craft your business website. 

What to Consider Before You Hire a Web Designer

Hiring the right web design company in Newcastle is crucial when you budget for your new website and know your goals for your project. That’s because hiring the wrong web design team can lead to results you are not satisfied with, creating the need to start over. 

Before you make your choice, consider the following factors:

How experienced are the web designers at the company you are considering? 

Has the web design company created successful websites for businesses similar to yours in the past, and do you like their previous work? You want to explore the portfolio of any web designer you hire before you take this important step.

Does the web design company have honest client testimonials that inspire confidence? Do their reviews show you that they are the professionals you need them to be?

Does the web design company offer a clear pricing structure?

In the UK, basic static business websites with six to eight pages will typically set you back up to £1,000. At Blue Whale Media, we offer this service for £495 + VAT. More advanced bespoke websites can cost up to £5,000, but our gold package is just £1,000. That brings us to another important point — working with a web design company in your local community has multiple advantages. Not only can a company local to you offer a better deal, but a web design team who understands your business can also more effectively translate your vision onto the page.

As you add more pages and more varied types of content, including bespoke illustrations, and if you require ongoing help with web maintenance, a higher budget needs to be allotted. In return, however, you get more than a “website” for your project — you get a digital home that your audience can enjoy, rely on, and share with their social circles. 

Ultimately, the best way to budget for your new web design project is the same way you would budget for anything else that is central to the success of your business. You invest in the best service you can afford because you know you will reap the benefits.