Reassessing your PPC Campaigns for 2020

Reassessing your PPC Campaigns for 2020

In this blog, I will be suggesting the areas of your PPC campaign you should be checking and changing for 2020 – or how you should be starting your PPC advertising for 2020 if you aren’t already active in the realm of pay per click.

Optimising Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads are in many ways the bread and butter for pay per click advertising – after all, why wouldn’t you want your website to appear at the top of search results for your important keywords? Well in the future, it may actually be wise to make sure your Google Ad isn’t in the very top position. Research by Hallam has shown that on average, the #1 spot for an ad will receive 50% more clicks than the ad right below it in second. However, this comes at a 100% higher cost per click. Not to mention, the #1 spot will drive far more irrelevant traffic and #2 can have a much higher conversion rate for a lower cost – that’s the whole point of marketing right? To drive as many conversions as possible with as little cost as possible.

This is why I recommend using a bid strategy for impression share and targeting the “Top of page” position but not “Absolute top of page.” This will mean you can bid less, have a lower cost and generally have a higher conversion rate.

Other PPC Platforms

Google is such a big player in the pay per click world that many people sometimes overlook other platforms, even the giant names such as Facebook and Amazon. Both have their separate uses depending on the type of PPC marketing campaign you wish to run.

Facebook Social Media Ads

Facebook adverts are great for brand awareness and driving users to your website, expanding your audience – but I wouldn’t recommend this platform for driving large amounts of sales or conversions.

Amazon Sponsored Products

Amazon is great for advertising products – picture Google Search ads but just for products: you can get your product to the top of the list when someone searches for it! The Amazon PPC platform for Sponsored Products is great for selling products but you can’t just get straight to advertising and selling: you need a fully registered Amazon sellers account which fulfils these requirements.

Hire a Professional PPC Agency

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