New Trends in Web Design and the move towards multi channel branding

New Trends in Web Design and the move towards multi channel branding

Web Design changes and trends offer designers and users a definitive snapshot of a time and place in the industry. Trends can often be ignored or brushed under the carpet as passing fads and relatively unimportant in website design. However, we know that web design trends can offer a unique and unrivalled insight into user requirements and preferences. We have rounded up and discussed some of the most noticeable trends of 2019.

Ambient Design

Our industry has seen a significant increase in ambient designs and aspects of websites in 2019. Although some of this upgrade has roots in technological advances, this trend also has a heritage in our increase screen usage. In the past 10 years, the general population has consecutively spent more time looking at screens, websites and apps. This has encouraged websites to become more ambient and visually atmospheric, allowing website designers to place higher significance on the visual elements of their sites.

Purposeful Storytelling

With the rise of ambient design and visual evolution, websites have needed to keep up with both the bigger picture and the smallest details. Researchers suggest that in 2020, web designers and content creators must place greater emphasis on storytelling and narrative structure. Designers need to translate their business services and products to a unique yet universal language and connect with their customers and target demographic.

Multi Channel Branding

Cross channel branding is an essential element to a successful business and website model in 2020. Utilising a variety of different multimedia channels and platforms can increase your customer reach and improve overall conversion rates for your business. In this modern marketing era, it can be vital to the success of your business to take advantage of multi-platform branding

By presenting a united brand image across different online platforms, you can be sure that you are accurately representing your business. Statistics show that over 72% of online customers and consumers prefer an integrated marketing approach and are more likely to invest in a company that has invested in it.

Intrinsic Web Design

Updated developers and software allows web designers in 2020 to create intrinsic website designs. Intrinsic design encompasses a range of creative solutions that allow designers to overcome and workaround any limitations that are posed by browsers.


In 2020, web designers and developers alike needed to develop efficient and exciting new ways to market their business across a multitude of different platforms. Effectively managing your brand across different social media and other platforms allows you to present a united front to your target demographic. The year has shown interesting developments in web design techniques and trends and we think that many of them will move along into 2020 and provide a base platform for web designers to evolve and develop their craft.