10 of the Best Fonts For Web Design

Top ten fonts to use when designing a website.

10 of the Best Fonts For Web Design

Fonts play a major role within our process for the best web design service in Cheshire. With so many designs available for you, you can add them to your site’s design in many ways. Each type of font has its own personality, look, and variation. So by choosing the right ones, you can enhance your website’s appeal and readability.

So without further ado, here are 10 of the best fonts you can use for your site:

10. Playfair Display

Playfair is one of the more unique fonts out there. We personally like it for its gentle italics and serifs style. The classic feel of this font can be perfect for titles and headlines. It is easily one of the best fonts out there besides Times New Roman and Georgia.

9. Arvo

Arvo is an excellent font from the serif font family. It has 4 different variants, which are normal weight, italics, bold, and bold italics. When combined with fonts from sans-serif body, Arvo makes a stunning font for subtitles and titles.

8. Merriweather

We love the Merriweather fonts because they have a geometric design that improves readability even at a small size. The font’s width and weight are all very natural-looking, making it a great choice for body typeface.

7. Yellowtail

The Yellowtail font is overall a fun script. The fonts look similar to words produced by flat brushes. But despite its stylish design, the yellowtail font has high legibility even at small sizes. However, we suggest you keep the fonts above 14 pixels so that you don’t affect the readability. 

6. Dosis and Titillium Sans

Dosis is a simple font with a clean and modern look. The letters have a roundness to its shape, but it’s a great option to add character to your website. This font has high legibility that can work great for large tiles.

Titillum is another font from the sans serif font. They have a strong presence that is perfect for either headers or body text. We love the modern feel, and also the wide variety of weight is a plus as well.

5. Open Sans

Open Sans is one of the most popular fonts on the web. Hundreds of well-known websites go for this font to improve their readability and appearance. It has excellent legibility and is a great substitute for sans serif fonts.

4. Alegreya

Alegreya is another great font that substitutes the regular default fonts. It has a calligraphic feel to it while also having high readability.

3. Oswald

If you want something that looks like League Gothic of sans serif, you might want to try Oswald. This font was originally designed for editorial materials. However, it can look good in just about any web design.

2. Alternate Gothic

Designed as a substitute of Franklin Gothic, the Alternate Gothic is a great font for headings. We always go back to this font whenever we want something that feels clean on our website. This font also looks great when matched with Proxima Nova.

1. Tisa

If you want high readability on your website, you should definitely try the Tisa font. It is very legible, even in small sizes. The font is our favorite pick because it does a great job of adding character to a site’s design.