5 Tips for Planning your Christmas Marketing

5 Tips for Planning your Christmas Marketing

5 Tips for Planning your Christmas Marketing

It is never too early to begin your marketing plan, especially when most retailers’ marketing plans are already in place. With people spending 25% more over the Christmas period, your campaign needs to generate more sales than they usually would throughout the year. Read on to find some of our top tips for planning your marketing strategy in time for Christmas.

Create a timeline

There are several other important dates you will need to plan your campaign around other than just Christmas; therefore, if you create a timeline of these dates, you will be able to clearly plan your campaign, keep on track, and will also give you a chance to organise your messages and offers for the campaign well in advance. The most important dates you want to be thinking about include;

  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • New Years Eve
  • New Years Day

Review your target audience

Now is an important time to review who your target audience is – have any new behavioral changes occurred within your customers? If so, then this is the best time to capture anything that may seem different. After noting down any changes, you will need to update your personas accordingly. Having accurate personas means your campaign will reach more of your customers.

Plan marketing message

Your marketing message is one of the more important elements to a campaign, as this is what your customers first see, and it may drive your customer to conversion. Therefore, the message needs to be memorable for it to be effective. When crafting your Christmas campaign, consider the following:

  • The needs of your audience
  • What your mission is
  • The values of your brand
  • How you are different from your competitors
  • How you value your customers
  • How you want to make your customers feel, think, and do.

Decide on offers

Using offers at Christmas time is a key focus when planning your marketing strategy. The offer you decide on using will be aligned with your brand and theme and will be done strategically to entice customers to purchase more from you. If you are more of a high-end brand, it will make more sense to get a gift when you spend a certain amount of money, rather than cutting prices drastically.

Create campaign content

Now you have worked out the basic steps to get your marketing campaign underway; it is now time to create the content. Begin with planning every marketing campaign you will need across each channel and then decide what assets you may need. It is important to ensure your design reflects your theme, and your message is consistent across all channels.