50 Advantages Of Using Videos On Your Website

50 Advantages Of Using Videos On Your Website

50 Advantages Of Using Videos On Your Website

Nowadays, nearly every successful online business utilises videos as a central marketing strategy. Nevertheless, you realise there may be some hesitations. Why invest in videos? Are they monetarily worth it? Here are the top 50 advantages and benefits of using professional video production on your website to ease your thoughts.

1. Ditch uninteresting emails

Video emails can help you get noticed and stand out from the competition, allowing for more personal connections with subscribers and stronger relationships.

2. Make a lasting impression

Videos can make a lasting impression on viewers, as audio-visual stimuli are more memorable than text. Create an impactful video to maximise its marketing potential.

3. Keep up with the latest communication

Stay up to date with the latest forms of communication, such as video emails and online videos, to exceed customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition.

4. Outwit your competition

By utilising web videos, you can demonstrate that your company is ahead of the competition and understand the power of this medium for marketing and promotion.

5. Make a personal connection with your consumers and clients

Video of the company’s CEO can create a powerful connection with consumers and clients, allowing them to become more familiar with the organisation before meeting in person.

6. Highlight your number one resource – your team

Highlight your team as your number one resource and create videos to showcase their talent, expertise, and the human side of your business for a competitive edge.

7. Establish your credibility

Videos are a credible form of content, and Nielson’s studies prove it – introductory clips, task-based clips and customer testimonials will help build trust in a business.

8. Recording and forgetting

Video recordings can be an efficient way to communicate if done correctly, as they can be easily captured and remembered without any potential for misinterpretation.

9. Be direct in what you say

Video communication eliminates potential misunderstandings due to the absence of non-verbal cues, allowing you to express your enthusiasm and pride without being perceived as boastful.

10. Respond to customer inquiries quickly

Small businesses can save time and money by providing videos to answer customer inquiries quickly instead of responding to each one individually.

11. Connect with potential customers at any time and any place

Video calling allows you to connect with customers worldwide quickly and easily without worrying about time zone differences.

12. Reduce the amount of customer support calls you receive

Creating videos to answer common customer questions can reduce the amount of incoming customer support calls, saving time and helping others.

13. Keep your message consistent

Ensure messaging consistency by recording and storing videos in a library for easy access and review before producing new content to always communicate the same message.

14. Keep your prospects in the loop

Keep your prospects updated by providing examples of how your product or service has benefited past customers, demonstrating the value it can bring to their lives.

15. Connect with younger generations

Connect with younger generations by staying up-to-date on their changing shopping habits and delivering new video content that appeals to them.

16. Generate a sense of urgency

Create urgency by adding links to limited-time offers in your videos to make your message more compelling. It will create demand that wouldn’t exist otherwise.

17. Make the sales process more efficient

You can make the sales process more efficient by sending videos introducing yourself to prospects, so they can get to know you better without having physical meetings.

18. Fine-tune your pitch

This tip is for you if you’re great with people but not so good at writing. Nowadays, you can include videos in your emails to make that perfect sales pitch without lifting a finger.

19. Decrease training expenditures

Recruits are prepared for training by providing videos of the company’s work process online, reducing the need to explain basics and saving time in training.

20. Avoid repeating yourself needlessly

Video records answer common questions and send them directly to clients. It will help build up a library of automated responses over time.

21. Improve focus while reading extended content

Videos are an excellent way to show rather than tell. It is especially helpful when expressing complicated concepts or lengthy explanations, as it leaves less room for interpretation.

22. Save money so that you can spend it somewhere

Videos are an affordable and long-lasting marketing tool. The money saved can be used for other investments in the business. 

23. Get to know your clients on a personal level

Videos help create personal relationships with customers by warmly welcoming new customers and expressing gratitude to existing ones.

24. By linking your CRM with videos, you can enjoy automated rewards

Linking your CRM to videos enables automated rewards and a more personal experience. For example, new prospects get a personalised video message from you when they sign up.

25. Give your business a personal touch

People may be more responsive to a video message, giving a business an extra personal touch that other mediums cannot provide.

26. Build trust with business partners

Through web videos, businesses can build trust with partners by staying in touch, showcasing projects and gathering feedback. It fosters strong relationships for mutual advantage.

27. Recognise, appreciate and reuse

Take the time to show your clients that you appreciate their business with personal video emails. You can even use the same videos for new clients!

28. Save your money

Videos are a smart marketing investment because you can use them multiple times, and they don’t cost too much to produce.

29. Write unique, customised responses to FAQs

By filming educational videos in response to FAQs, you can save time and money and ensure that all your customers have access to the same information.

30. Help the environment by doing your part

Videos used repeatedly will save you time by weeding out those who aren’t interested in what you’re offering, so you only use gas to visit people who are intrigued.

31. Having more hands helps you work faster and more efficiently

Videos allow businesses to communicate with clients, train personnel and respond to customer inquiries anytime, allowing more time for other important tasks or leisure activities.

32. Gain efficiency in your business

Creating fewer and higher quality videos is an efficient way to make the most of video marketing and save time in the long run.

33. Make your marketing strategy more effective

To attract new customers and keep current ones engaged, use videos to make your marketing strategy more effective.

34. Appear as a comprehensive professional

By promptly responding to videos and FAQs, you demonstrate your professionalism and expertise in the field, further gaining your customers’ trust.

35. Make some noise

Spread the word about your business by creating an interesting web video and encouraging others to share it. Get the conversation started! 

36. A cheaper, better alternative to TV

Web videos offer a cheaper and better alternative to TV ads, with the bonus of being on-demand. Get creative and save money by taking advantage of free online video content.

37. Automated emails should be both interesting and informative

Automated emails can be an effective part of a workflow to nurture leads into customers and should combine interesting content with useful information.

38. Keep a close eye on your money and how you’re spending it

Monitoring your spending and using analytics services can help track how well your videos perform, who’s watching them, when, and if any purchases are made.

39. Establish a looped sales cycle

Businesses can create a looped sales cycle by adding videos at various points, such as an urgent message on the purchase page.

40. Keep your business at the forefront of your customer’s minds

Videos allow you to keep your brand and message in customers’ minds, saving time and resources. Don’t let them forget you!

41. Rely on word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth effectively builds customer trust – create captivating videos in your marketing efforts to get people talking about your brand.

42. Make more money

Creating web videos is a great, low-effort way to generate income; invest once and get long-term returns while focusing on your paying customers.

43. Create a base of lifelong customers

Create a base of lifelong customers by providing excellent customer service, being responsive to their inquiries, and demonstrating that you value their satisfaction.

44. Improve website traffic conversion

Adding videos to landing pages can increase conversions by 80%, offering a captivating visual that can convince visitors to become leads.

45. Video is great for search engine optimisation

Search engines prefer content that keeps viewers engaged, making video an ideal way to gain visibility and increase page views. It is a great strategy for inbound marketing success.

46. Become popular on social media

Post videos to increase your social media reach and get 92% of viewers to share the content. Have fun and create something that could go viral.

47. Create a voice for your brand

Creating videos helps to establish a voice for your company, allowing you to inform the public about your staff, brand identity, and company culture.

48. Create a website where people will have a great experience 

Create a website with engaging videos to help customers learn about a product or service, as 72% of customers prefer video. Get ready for the camera!

49. A larger, more diverse talent pool 

A website can draw in a wider and more varied talent pool by highlighting the benefits of joining the team and making applicants feel at ease before an interview. 

50. Ensure your business has a strong foundation on which to grow

Videos and CRM systems will help to create a strong foundation for your business growth, enabling automated personalised communication with prospects 24/7.