7 things your website is missing in 2020

7 things your website is missing in 2020

7 things your website is missing  in 2020

Websites need to be updated frequently to compete in any market. Your aim should be to stand out from your competitors so customers can identify your brand. Basically if you have a website which is user friendly aesthetically pleasing you have less chance of a user bouncing from your website, however this can only get you so far if the website isn’t functional then customers will not make it to checkout and buy a product. Join us as we dive deeper into what your website NEEDS in 2020.

Mobile friendly 

If your website isn’t compatible with mobile devices in 2020 then you are behind the curve unfortunately, however there’s still time to change! According to Statista 52.2% of ALL website traffic is from mobile users, this data is from 2018 and has likely grown since then. So if your website isn’t mobile compatible then you are missing out on potential customers!

Engaging content

Please please please make your content useful! Your website can look beautiful but if there’s no content then why is the user looking at nicely arranged pixels? How your website looks will draw the users attention, however it’s the content which will make the user stay. Amazing content a website must have, especially in 2020. 

Active social media 

Nearly everyone who has a smartphone in 2020 has AT LEAST one social media, it is such an easy way to connect with your users and customers. Adding your social media onto your website makes it incredibly easy for customers to find you online. 

Eye catching images 

Yes you can just add any image to your website but should you? Simple answer… no. Images need to be high resolution, load quickly and most importantly relevant. You need to know what the purpose of each picture is on your website, if you don’t know why an image is there then maybe add a more relevant image. 

Chat with your customers

More and more frequently Chatting with customers is becoming the standard for new websites. That might be live chat, chatbots or even both. This is becoming more and more important because users are spending less time scrolling through websites, chatbots or live chats can direct the user to the specific product they are looking for; increasing the likelihood of a sale. 

Growth Driven Design (GDD)

Website updates need to be frequent to keep users satisfied, if websites have a problem and aren’t fixed soon the users will be disgruntled by this and less likely to return to the website. GDD allows you to grow the website continuously which makes your website look reliable to users. 

Google analytics 

If you take anything away from this blog, please use google analytics. This can give you a much better understanding of who your audience actually is. You can get so much information from google analytics that is extremely hard to get hold of otherwise. This is where you can get stats like mobile vs laptop users, where your traffic is coming from and identify your worst performing pages. 


In conclusion if you apply these 7 tips and tricks to your website you should have a better looking and more functional website. The key message though is you need to adapt how you present your website and realise when something isn’t working, but more importantly… CHANGE IT!!!