8 Ways to Get Your Website Ready for Black Friday

8 Ways to Get Your Website Ready for Black Friday

Black Friday is an essential date in the eCommerce business diary. Statistics show that customers sent over $2.52 billion on Black Friday purchases alone. Are you ready to increase your sales this November’s Black Friday? Then, the last thing you’ll need is a website crashing due to a traffic surge. Consult a reputable marketing agency Warrington for advice. Use the following tips to prepare your website for Black Friday.

Manage Forthcoming Sales

Start by preparing deals and discounts for the products to sell. Don’t wait till the last minute to make this happen. For instance, what happens if you cannot automate the process? Then, you’ll lose on potential sales.

The marketing agency Warrington should help you come up with a marketing sales map. It should state the products and their respective prices.

Test Your Site Whether It’ll Handle a Traffic Surge

Yes, you have a deal ready for black Friday. But is your website capable of handling the increased traffic? Having too many requests at a go can crash your site. Your marketing agency Warrington should ensure this doesn’t happen.

The agency should use appropriate tools to test for server load capacity. If you’re operating a cloud server, upgrade the server with extra resources for black Friday. It’s the same way that a store would employ more employees during their busy periods.

Grow Your Email List

Now it’s the ideal time to grow your subscriber’s list. Buyers aren’t likely to give their contact details if you’re not offering something valuable in return. Your black Friday promotions act like this ‘valuable thing’ to your customers.

Your marketing agency Warrington can come with a valuable reason as to why people should subscribe. For instance, signup to get updates on Black Friday and other deals.

Hype the Forthcoming Sales

Yes, you want to succeed in your black Friday sales. The easiest way, make some noise around it. But how?

  • Get online and send your customers and inform them of your offers. Share the same details on your social media pages.
  • Start sooner to entice the customers to your deals.
  • Optimize for a Conversion Rate
Have a Landing Page

Have your marketing agency Warrington design a landing page for your promotions. If possible, they should make the URL secure and straightforward for buyers to access.

Use a Coupon Code

A coupon code allows you to promote your products on a black Friday. Make it simple like, “Enter BLACKFRI to get 15% offer.”

Have Neglected Cart Emails

If you want to maximize your sales, you’ll need to keep the abandoned carts at a minimum. Your marketing agency Warrington can do this by designing emails that target neglected carts.

It seeks to address people who had added a shopping cart to your site and left before buying. If carefully designed, it’ll convince them to come back and complete the sale.

Have a Mobile-Friendly Site

Mobile phones are increasingly becoming popular. As such, you want a website that’s mobile-friendly to boost your sales.


Preparations for black Friday are the key to hitting the jackpot. Engage a competent marketing agency Warrington to advise you on the exercise.

Preparing your website for Black Friday requires you to engage in competent professions. At Blue Whale Media, we value your experience. Contact us today for quality and affordable services.

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