How To Achieve Your New Years Resolution

How To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

January is around the corner which means it is time to start thinking of your new year’s resolution. Every year people make a resolution on how they are going to make the following year a better one than the previous year, this could be from something personal in your life to dieting, fitness or even a dream holiday or job you want to aim for.

Think About It

Before setting and sticking to a new years resolution have a think about what goal you want to achieve that year, you do not want to be setting yourself a goal you cannot achieve. Be specific with your goals think about what you want and how you want to achieve this planning in advance will put you in the right mindset to fulfil this resolution.

Write It Down

Writing down your goals will give you a greater sense of accountability which will give you a much higher chance of accomplishing them. Post your goal in visible places ie the fridge, mirror etc seeing them more will keep you on track. Writing down progress on how you are getting on with your goal will keep your focus and will show you how far you are getting on with your resolution

Make It Known

You are more likely to achieve your resolution if you make it public – sharing your goals make you accountable for your actions. Telling people what you are doing will make you focus as you will want to keep them updated and show off how you are getting on to everyone interested. You never know someone may have the same goal and you can both work towards this together. Getting your friend or a family member on board can make it more enjoyable if two are doing it.

Make It Big

Your resolution should never just be ‘another thing/item’ this is something that is meant to put you in a new mindset and have a focus to achieve, follow through with it take time out to plan how you can make it work for you if you feel like giving up take time to focus the more effort you take on it and yourself will show positive effects. If you feel discouraged and need a pick-me-up to celebrate the small successes you achieve, there is a finish line and with little celebrations, you will see that this is one step closer.

Believe In Yourself

Slip-ups will happen not every day, there will be good and bad days. This doesn’t mean giving up, this means to pick yourself up, refocus and carry on. The quicker you get back on track the better you will feel about it. Don’t rely on others, other peoples actions and words will help for a short while but only you can achieve this goal. It is ok to want some motivation off others and this may help but always remember there is a reason you set this resolution and only you can be the one who sees it through to the end and achieve the final outcome.

Happy New Year!