Technology Events To Look Forward To – Apple Events

Apple technology events in 2020.

Technology Events To Look Forward To – Apple Events

Recent events have increased the demand for virtual access to industry knowledge, interactive sessions led by industry experts and networking opportunities with peers. An online or virtual event allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of a physical just on a virtual level.

At Blue Whale Media, keeping up to date with the latest tech is essential to our team. We attend tech conferences to further our knowledge and skills; here’s why the Apple Event needed to be held virtually and how virtual events will help us in the future?

Apple Events

Over the past few years, Apple has always held an event where they launch the latest model of the iPhone and iOS updates. The inability to hold physical events doesn’t mean that there will be no events, this year, one of the Apple events had to be held virtually and it has had great success in many ways. Remote formats of the events will have limited the social aspect of conferences, but what’s different is the benefits that will spring back from virtual events. For example, companies combat sending staff to events for training and how they can easily experience events in-house.

WWDC 2020

The Apple conference WWDC is the worldwide developer conference; it is normally a multi-day event focussed on sessions for developers, helping them make the most out of the latest Apple tools and products.

5,000 developers usually attend the WWDC; however, this year, millions of developers could participate virtually for free. This meant they were able to engage with Apple engineers; Apple’s developer community includes more than 23 million registered developers from 155 countries and regions worldwide.

Virtual Events and Conferences

Apple is far from alone on the cancelled event front; a number of tech companies, including Facebook and Google, have also cancelled their retrospective developer events planned for this year. While traditional conferences are invaluable, they are also way out of step with our need to address environmental issues and their associated cost.

As 2020 continues, more tech organisations are realising that target will have to host or attend online or virtually.


Networking is a benefit of any event, but it is more important than ever during social distancing. Opportunities for virtual events mean you can take advantage of them sooner rather than later establish valuable business connections that can’t be beaten. Besides the business aspect, it is good to have human connections and a sense of community during troubling times on a personal level, virtually conferencing can do precisely that.

What does this mean for the technology industry?

It is now possible to keep customers informed via virtual events without a physical conference or event. With any event, the biggest hope is that attendees feel like part of a community and engage with other individuals within the industry; it requires a different approach.

Regardless of your industry, there’s no denying that your brand exposure can reap you huge rewards. Especially at the moment, a virtual event such as Apple’s WWDC is invaluable for your brand.