Beauty/Lifestyle/Fashion Colour Palette

Beauty/Lifestyle/Fashion Colour Palette

#C0B283 Colour


#DCD0C0 Colour


#F4F4F4 Colour


#373737 Colour


What is a colour palette & why is it important?

Colour palettes are used in many different aspects of work and are especially helpful when it comes to design, branding and marketing. Colour palettes can help you decide the style you are aiming for as well as the overall tone of the website or branding. It usually consists of a selection of colours that complement each other to create a specific theme that can be used throughout a website, logo, social media, leaflets and business cards. Having a colour palette is something that every business needs and will benefit from as it gives them a guideline to their branding so they don’t over use too many colours and they can be recognised throughout.

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Colour Palette

What this colour palette represents  

This specific colour palette brings a monotone feel as the colours used are very calming rather than vibrant. The theme of this colour palette focusses on a modern aspect that is quite classy but not so corporate as there is a feel of lightness. For this colour palette, it would be best suited for websites that focus on beauty, lifestyle and fashion due to the overall tone of the colours and the sophisticated aspect. The colours would blend well to suit these specific sectors.

What industry the colour palette works for

For this specific colour palette, you would usually relate this to a very chic business. As previously stated anything to do with fashion or beauty would. Usually you would find these colours with a higher brand due to the minimalistic feel. The colours are not in your face or cheap which is why it represents a more expensive feel to it. This palette could be used more a different type of business due to the general tones but I think the key with this palette is minimalism and a less is more vibe.

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