Benefits of Using WordPress for your eCommerce Website

Benefits of Using WordPress for your eCommerce Website

While there is a wealth of options, making sure you pick the right platform for your eCommerce website can smooth out the setup process. WordPress offers unlimited scalability and stability, as well as powering some of the largest sites on the web.

It has also become a popular eCommerce platform; it offers many crucial benefits for online shop owners.

As a web design Chester agency, Blue Whale Media’s team uses WordPress a lot and have given their benefits of using the platform:

Cost Effective

The cost of creating a website has reduced significantly over the years; the numerous WordPress themes available are very affordable for new businesses. The ongoing maintenance won’t drain your finances due to the simplicity of the dashboard. Blue Whale Media’s web design Chester team thinks that the ability for users to install plugins enables the expansion of their website.

Quick And Easy To Use

WordPress is easier to use than any of its competitors; the WordPress dashboard is intuitive and easy to use. You can immediately start creating posts and new pages, content, images, and customise your layout. Our web design Chester team advises that the easily accessible support system can help you with any issues you might have.

Easy To Upgrade

The WordPress theme you choose for your eCommerce website will define how your website looks. Web design Chester will represent how your business website will look. With WordPress, you can customise your theme at any stage of the design process as well as upgrade and extend the functionality of your eCommerce website by using plugins.


It’s vital that the underlying framework of the platform you choose is SEO friendly. WordPress ranks highly with search engines due to its clean and constant code. The platform makes it easy for search engines to read and index eCommerce WordPress websites. There are also extensions and plugins designed specifically for when you need to increase your SEO capabilities.


As WordPress was created as a blogging platform, it has built-in blog capabilities. This means you can seamlessly integrate with all the social networks and your web design Chester without having to log in to each one individually. Wordpress allows you to instantly connect with your community to promote your latest offers and promotions.

Responsive Capabilities

Choosing an eCommerce WordPress website that has responsive capabilities is essential. You need to consider how your website will perform on multiple devices. However, it’s wise to a web design Chester theme that already has excellent responsiveness. It is also something that Google takes into account when it comes to rankings.

User Management

As WordPress web design Chester operates on an open-source platform, it enables different designers to work on your site. Our team at Blue Whale Media, find that this is particularly useful as our designers can connect and deal with technical issues or questions. This not only saves time, but it also provides a handy way of seeing what the designers are doing and how they are doing it.

Website Security

Compared to other website management systems, WordPress has a well-proven and secure system. To ensure your website is impenetrable, use WordPress security plugins that can further boost your website’s security.

Businesses are often held back due to limiting budgets and the high costs of the website design. By its nature, WordPress themes are a way for you to take control of the whole website design process.