The Best Customer Satisfaction Practices You Need to Know

Customer Service best practices

The Best Customer Satisfaction Practices You Need to Know

Customers are at the heart of every business, ensuring customers are always welcomed, and help by a friendly staff member is an absolute must in every industry. Finding ways to exceed a customer’s expectations is key to keeping them interested and excited; this is an easy way to build up a relationship with customers that will last.

What is Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction happens when a customer’s expectations are met; another term for satisfied customers would be customer success. This term means the business is concerned with the value of service the customer received from either a member of staff or a product they purchased. Having after-sales care in place to track customers progression with their new purchase is something big retail companies have started to adopt. Here are Blue Whale Media we like to fully support our customers all the way through, once a customer has signed up, we begin the process with welcome documents.

How is Satisfaction Tracked?

Our Account Manager Danielle regularly keeps in contact with all customers, providing them with updates on their projects and gentle nudges to ensure they are providing us with the correct information. Customers like to be kept in the loop at all times; it can sometimes be challenging to know straight away where a customer is up to when they phone the office to ask. Blue Whale Media are big believers in colleague communication; we always try to ensure each member of staff is adequately informed about the progress of a customer project. We also encourage our customers to leave reviews about the company and the work we do; this massively helps business potential. It also helps us figure out what our customers love and things we may need to work on to improve our quality of service.

Are we Customer Centred?

Like I previously mentioned, all businesses need to be customer-focused to succeed. Blue Whale is no different; we are always looking at how we can improve user and customer experience. We recently had an idea for our web designers in Wigan when they are calling clients. Instead of them just listening to what our customers are telling them they like about either an example site or their own websites; they should make notes and ask questions to dive deeper into the customers wants and dislikes. As I answer incoming call to the office, it can be difficult for me to always help customers with any questions they have. If a customer is calling up to speak to another member of staff, I have to collect all necessary information promptly to ensure I don’t keep the customer waiting.


Customers make a business succeed, having procedures put in place to care for customers through their time with you is a significant changing factor. Customers are more likely to either come back and use your services again or recommend you to someone they know. Although it’s not always easy, giving your customers service with a smile is an easy way to deliver customer satisfaction; they like to know you’re interested in what they’re talking about even if you’re not. By taking on board just one of these practices could turn the way you do business around, and remember the customer is always right!