The Best Way to Edit your Images for Social Media

The Best Way to Edit your Images for Social Media

The best way to edit your images for social media

Images and videos have been the most effective content for engagement on social media. However, it’s essential to know that by just putting up a generic photo on social media just might not cut it.

This is where you need images that catch peoples attention when they are scrolling through their feed, and this is what today’s blog is going to be about.

What is your style on social media?

Before you start editing, take the time to think about what your brand should look like when it comes to your social presence. It would be best if you considered your business personality and what your product or service represents.

You don’t want your brand to have multiple different personalities. So you need to think about the colours you use, the photography style and how you want to present yourself to the public. This will build your brand identity.

Is it the right size?

After you have edited your pictures, you will have to resize them, so they fit on different social platforms. Not every platform shares the same size. This might be tedious, but this will benefit you. For example, the usual size for an Instagram post is 1080px x 1080px. However, you can have a rectangle on Instagram but then go on the Instagram page it won’t show the full image.

Know the basics

Being authentic isn’t a new trend on social media, and it certainly isn’t going anywhere. However, being original and amateur are two different things. You want to be able to get the behind the scenes correct before you post your image online. It requires more than just taking your phone out and taking a picture. It only takes a few simple edits to improve your pictures. Try the following:

  • Whiten teeth, brighten eyes and remove blemishes.
  • Use whitening tools to brighten white backgrounds in your photos.
  • Master go-to edits like saturation, sharpness, and contrast.
  • Crop for composition. That means minimizing distracting elements and making your subject the star.
  • Subtly blur the background of your photos or add a vignette in order to direct eyes right where you want them.

It’s essential not to overdo your images. You want to keep them as natural looking as possible.

Stay on Trend

It’s important to remember that posting the same type of content all the time doesn’t always work. New editing trends pop up on social media platforms all the time and by getting involved in them is a great way to explore your creativity. Doing this will keep your followers engaged with fresh and new content.