Best Projects of 2020 – Just Clean Property Care

Our best projects in 2020: Just Clean Property Care

Just Clean Property Care

The Just Clean Property Care is an excellent cleaner for cleaning both private and public spaces. It has been cleaning UPVC fixtures, gutter clearing, conservatories, exterior painting, soft play deep cleans, pressure washing driveways, and conservatories for quite a while now. They have been in the business for years and are incredibly experienced.

Just Clean Property Care consists of a team of devoted cleaners who provides satisfactory cleaning. However, a lack of an online presence can hinder the business. That is why a social following is imperative to run a successful and consistent business. We realized the company’s potential and did what we could to bring this amazing company to the public’s eye.

What We Did

Our local web design company in London decided to create a brand-new site for Just Clean Property Care, a redesign and remodeling of their original site. So we started turning their content into something modern, but SEO optimized at the same time. We also incorporated heavy to call actions all over the website due to the business’s nature. We made sure to present the company’s reviews inside the site’s pages to display potential customers. It is to reflect the genuineness and reliability of the brand.

We made use of before and after pictures of the brand’s completed work to display its services. It enables customers to view their physical work. The company’s webpage is a mobile device optimized. The customers can easily get in touch with the company for their services through the phone. We made sure to make their services as convenient and reachable as possible.


We were successful in helping “Just Clean Property Care” obtain over 90% more traffic, with about 86% more conversions. The company began receiving a 99% return on investment (ROI) and a responsiveness rate of 100%. There is a lower bounce rate of 83% and a success rate of 100%, which is an excellent achievement for the business.

Just Clean Property Care’s business since then has skyrocketed to its highest potential. Their work is so much appreciated now than ever. They are getting the recognition that they deserve because of their online presence. The statistics do not lie as you can see it for yourself.

The Most Vital Change

As the company wanted a redesign of their site, we wanted to make sure that both the client and customers witnessed a difference. We greatly stressed on the addition of the former and latter pictures on every service page. By injecting these images, we enable the customers to witness their example work, which in turn engages and draws more customers. The change in design brings forth a lot of positive attention and works for SEO.


Just Clean Property Care has been making the headlines in their area and across the states for their work. With just a simple remodeling of their web page, we most certainly brought their A-Game to the front line. Creating and bringing our client’s visions to life is what makes us the happiest. We hope to always have this line of work and bring the best out in everybody.