Blue Whale gets First Aid Training!

Blue Whale gets First Aid Training!

Blue Whale Media gets First Aid Training!

Ben and Anthony have completed their First Aid course at Blue Whale Media. They learnt how to examine a casualty, use a defibrillator, familiarise themselves with essential life support and learn how to control bleeding and trauma. Whilst they had a lot of fun learning, they are very grateful for the training.

Why is it essential for Blue Whale Media?

As Anthony is the Senior Videographer here at Blue Whale, he is usually out and about filming for clients. He can be filming in all sorts of locations, from furniture stores to construction sites which can sometimes have heavy machinery moving around. With these shoots also do come risk assessments. These risk assessments are done to make sure that, himself and our clients are safe when filming. Anthony now has the essential skills for first aid if it is required in case anyone gets hurt on site.

For Ben, you will be able to find him in the office. It is important for us to have someone First Aid trained in the Office at all times. Just in case anyone needs his assistance. This also goes for our staff or any guests that come into our office; Ben will always be ready to put his training in place if he is needed.

First Aiders

Having this training has given Ben and Anthony the confidence to know what to do if their training is required within and outside of the workplace. Potentially leading to saving someone’s life.

“I feel less stressful, and has given me the confidence to know what to do if the situation does arise.” – Ben