Build An Amazing Online Store with WooCommerce

How to build an amazing eCommerce website with WooCommerce.

Build An Amazing Online Store with WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a well-known eCommerce platform built on WordPress. It is flexible and open-sourced.  

It allows you to build a store just as you imagined. Whether taking conventional business online, designing client websites, or launching new companies, it gets your work done faster and precisely.

How to start using WooCommerce

On the existing or new WordPress site, you can turn on the free WooCommerce plugin. You can follow the guided tour, which is optional and successfully get your store started in minutes with:

  • Google Analytics, Facebook integration, and MailChimp
  • Checkout pages, Product, and Cart
  • Central store dashboard with key metrics
  • Configurable shipping options, including label printing and flat rates
  • Automated tax calculators
  • Secure payments by credit cards and alternatives 
  • Commerce and integrated content across your site through modular blocks, and more.

You can further customize and extend with WooCommerce like:

  • Modify functions by leveraging filters and hooks.
  • Pick a style or layout that best suits your industry and brand.
  • Upgrade your store with paid and free extensions. You can add aspects and blend with global and local eCommerce web services.
  • Construct on top of the webhooks and REST API.
  • Supervise and change any feature of the core plugin code.

WooCommerce gives business owners the freedom to run their eCommerce store without the intervention of web developers. You will also find a free WooCommerce mobile app to help manage the store on the go.

Dedicated support, professional eCommerce web developers in Manchester and freelance contributors allow an endless run of plugins and extensions for WooCommerce websites.

Flexibility in sales

When it comes to selling, WooCommerce is very flexible regarding the type of products to sell. You can market:

  • Varieties of products
  • Both digital and physical goods 
  • Instant downloads to shoppers
  • Complex configurations
  • Varieties of sizes and shapes
  • And even trade associated items from online marketplaces.

Apart from the ingenious options, you can increase your WooCommerce store with paid extensions. Paid extensions can help you expand the store by:

  • Creating effective pricing rules
  • Taking bookings
  • Setting up continuous payments by subscription
  • Offering memberships and many more.

Thorough payment options

WooCommerce provides various options to make payments. It accepts cash on delivery, major credit cards, BACS (bank transfers), and alternative payment methods. 

Additionally, it blends with over 140 region-specific gateways. It supports Google Pay, Stripe, Apple Pay, Square, Amazon Pay, and PayPal.

Delivers both globally and locally

WooCommerce shipping is reasonable. You can offer flat rate shipping or free shipping. 

You can connect with numerous international and local carriers with official extensions like Australia Post, Royal Mail, and FedEx. It also allows you to associate with fulfillment providers and inventory management.

WooCommerce shipping also supports homemade printing labels and real-time calculations.

Why WooCommerce is every developer’s favourite?

WooCommerce comes with a REST API that connects with any virtual services. People can have 100% secure access to stored data anytime and anywhere.

It also enables developers to modify, create, and balance a store that fulfills the client’s conditions. It also allows for more enhancements with custom solutions or extensions.