The Effects of Covid-19 on Social Media Marketing

The Effects of Covid-19 on Social Media Marketing

The Effects of Covid-19 on Social Media Marketing

Covid-19 is the curse brought into this world this year. It has made the streets empty, and that is terrible news for the businesses. On the other hand, it has made people stay at home, on their laptops and phones. This is where it becomes a blessing for social media platforms. Throughout this Covid-19 situation, the average screen time of the world’s population has increased by about 60%. This means that businesses that depend on social media advertising and marketing will get a huge advantage. In this article, we will discuss the effects of Covid-19 on marketing, especially the changes in social media trends.

Effect of social media on social media platforms

The Covid-19 lockdowns have bought a massive increase in the usage of different social media platforms. Considering the top three platforms are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, all three have seen an enormous spike in overall and daily numbers. Facebook has seen an increase of over 50%, Instagram saw a rise of 30% and twitter saw a peak of about 23%. There is no doubt that social media platforms are experiencing a massive increase in profits; businesses also have an increased competitive advantage.

How will this affect the businesses?

The increase in the number of users means that the businesses have an increase in their audience base. If the companies follow the social performance marketing strategy, they will see an increase in the number of sales, clicks, and leads. In the case of targeted consumers, the numbers will increase, and thereby the business will see growth.

Situation of influencers

Within these times, the influencers see a massive increase in their followings, content watch times, and reach. This is another advantage for the businesses as they can employ the influencers to advertise their products. Furthermore, the disruption in the television market means that social media live streams and releases are gaining ground. This is one of the best times to accurately study the market and carry out research to gain strategic ground in social media.

B2B vs. B2C companies

During this situation, the B2C companies are gaining the most ground. The B2B companies, on the other hand, are unaffected by this situation. The reason for this is that customers have a significant presence on social media platforms. Businesses, on the other hand, have different platforms to communicate through. Even then, the B2B companies are trying to cope with this situation and carry on social media campaigns to create a proper existence on the platforms.

Twitter, as a news source, has grown by quite a lot in this pandemic situation. Daily the social media platform is seeing an average surge of about 24% users. This makes it one of the most favorable platforms for news and media companies to market themselves in.


Social media is one of the biggest audience providers for businesses. Furthermore, the platforms have made themselves advertisement friendlier than ever. The COVID-19 driven lockdown situation is an incentive for social media platforms and industries. All the businesses need to do is grab this opportunity to increase their reach.