Creative and Engaging Ideas to Post On Instagram

Creative and Engaging Ideas to Post On Instagram

Getting people to engage with your posts on Instagram can be a difficult thing to do because of the amount of traffic that Instagram gets every day. However, there are a few things that you can do to get people to interact with your posts on Instagram

Asking Questions

By asking questions within your post can attract people to engage in your posts. This is where you can also get to see other people’s thoughts and ideas on anything you ask them which can help you create better content for Instagram. For example, we could ask a question like “Which logo do you like best?” This will then give us another point of view.


Trends are a great way to show a bit of fun and personality in your business. However, you would have to be careful of which trends, memes and challenges you choose to do because you wouldn’t want to damage the company’s image. So, for example, the ice bucket challenge or the bottle cap challenge would be good trends to get involved with because they are just for fun and cause no harm.

Photo Collage

Creating a photo collage on Instagram can be tricky but it looks really effective if it is done well, so by showcasing one of our products can give a good impact on our customers. It would also hopefully drive traffic to click on our website to find out more information about one of our products and see our other products/services. It also gives your Instagram page more of a personality and breaks your posts up. This can be done in a row between one and three.

Before and After

Showing a before and after image to our clients could help us show how much our work benefits our clients. You could also do this with the company’s logo or with the website and just show how it has changed over time. This then shows how the company has developed over the years. Or this could be done for clients who have a dated website and then get a new website, showing the changes that have been made.

Hard at Work

Showing clients what you actually do from a day to day basis is great way to get engagement. For example, we could show an action shot of the drone filming or someone developing a website. It just shows clients what happens behind the scenes into how the company creates some of the products and services. Whish also give clients a behind the scene view of what happens in the company. A time-lapse might also be a good one to do for this.


Influencer marketing could help the company because people trust the influencers because of there social proof. When people who you target audience knows and recognise use your product or services will then increase the engagement towards the company. But you would have to find the right influencer that targets the people who you would want to be your clients.

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