Things Your Customers Want To See On Your Website Before Buying From You

Things Your Customers Want To See On Your Website Before Buying From You

Things Your Customers Want To See On Your Website Before Buying From You

A customer is one who needs a certain product or service and has the intention of purchasing it.

Since the willingness to buy is already there, a customer will proceed to other factors like a comparison between similar items, price, features, etc., before making a purchase.

If you own a business website, it is important to know what your customers need in order for them to buy from you.

Here is a list of things customers want to see on your website before buying from you, and you should ensure your local Liverpool web designer includes these areas when developing your business website:

Business information/ About You

Before a customer makes a purchase, they would want to know that the company is reputable and trustworthy. Before investing their money on your products or services, they have to be certain about the integrity of your business. Having a proper ‘About The Business’ section will help them understand what your company has to offer and thus help in their purchase decision.


A website’s content has a lot to do in influencing a customer’s purchase. Before they buy, customers will browse through the web site’s contents and consider from a list of options that it provides.

Businesses must keep in mind that there are similar businesses offering similar services and products. What a customer wants to know is why they should be buying from you and not from the others.

A good website with an immaculate directory of content that your business provides will help customers understand the products or services available.

Contact details

Another important element of a customer’s purchase pattern is the contact details. Customers usually look for phone numbers, email addresses, and sometimes even the physical addresses of a business that help them get in direct touch with the seller, in order to make their purchase decision.

Having contact information easily accessible to the customers is a good way of helping them consider buying from you.

Price and quality

Customers look for the price and quality of the services and products that a website offers. They will want to know whether the quality of the offering and the pricing is in proportion.

A website that offers thorough information about these things will help the customers consider the price value proposition and consequently make their purchase decision.

Web presence

Customers look for a company with a good web presence. If a website has a good web presence, and their social media presence is high, customers tend to be influenced by these factors.

A company with more mentions on the web may be more appealing to customers. This is why business websites with a large web presence tend to have more clients or customers.

After purchase services

For a customer, the services that the business offers afterward also matters. After making a purchase, if the customer faces difficulties or issues with the purchase, a business that offers after-sale services and returns policies are more appealing to a customer.

This assures them that their purchase is not only good but is also covered by the company’s services in case of any eventualities.

Websites that provide information on this aspect gain more customers, because it provides the assurance that the customer needs.