Designing an Ideal Search Bar for Your Website

Designing an Ideal Search Bar for Your Website

The search box is a blend of the submit button and input field. One may assume that the search box doesn\’t require a design; after all, it\’s only two simple elements. But, on content-heavy sites, the search box is frequently the most used design element. When users encounter relatively complex sites, they will immediately search for a search box to get to their last destination rapidly and painlessly – Web Design Liverpool.

Use magnifying-glass symbol

Continuously go with search box with a magnifying glass symbol. Symbols are, by definition, a visual representation of an object, action, or idea. There are a few symbols that have mostly universal recognition from users. The magnifying-glass symbol is one of such symbols. Users recognize the magnifying-glass symbol even without a textual label.

Tip: Use a schematic symbol, the simplest version of the magnifying glass. Fewer realistic details speed up recognition.

Show search field prominently

If the search is significant enough, you ought to display it prominently. It\’s the fastest route that users use for searching.

It\’s essential to show full open-text field because search hidden behind in symbol makes search feature less noticeable and increases the expense of interaction.

Try not to use a progressive disclosure for search because it hides context.

Give a searhc button for the search box

The button aids people to recognize that there\’s an extra step to trigger the search action — even if they decide to do this by pressing Enter.

Let users submit search utilizing the Enter and by tapping the symbol. Many users still have the propensity for clicking an actual button to submit the search.

Put the search box on each page

You ought to consistently provide access to the search box on every page. If your users can\’t locate the content that they are searching for, they will attempt to use your search.

Make it simple

When designing a search box, make sure it would appear that one and is as simple to use as would be prudent. As indicated by convenience studies, it is more user-friendly to have no advanced search choices displayed as a matter of course – Web Design Liverpool.

Put the search bxo where users can find it

It\’s bad when users have to search for the search box because it doesn\’t stick out and isn\’t easy to spot.

The upper-right corner is as yet the primary spot users expect to discover search.

Consequently, place a search enclose the upper-right or upper-center area of your format. You are sure that your users will see it where they expect it.

Proper field size

Of course, users can search for long queries, but just a bit of the text will be visible at once. That means awful ease of use since users can\’t review and edit their query easily. If their expected information sizes information fields, they are both simple to read and interpret for users.

Use auto-suggestion

Auto-suggestions mechanism helps users to locate a proper query by attempting to predict it based on the entered characters. Auto-suggestion mechanism isn\’t tied in with speeding up the search process but rather about controlling the user and helping them in developing their search query.

Normal users are very poor at query formulation: if they don\’t get great results on the primary attempt, later search attempts rarely succeed. They often give up. When auto complete suggestions function admirably, they help the user articulate better search queries.

Allow for keyboard route for the rundown of suggestions. Once a user looks down past the last item, they should return to the highest priority on the rundown. The Esc key ought to allow users to exit the rundown.

Feature differences between the inputted information and suggested information (e.g., input text has a standard weight, while suggested terms have strong weight). The autocomplete pattern saves the user time and may even suggest content or proper wording.

Clarify what users can search

It is a smart thought to include a sample search query in the info field to suggest to users what the capacity can be used. HTML5 makes it easy to add text that as a placeholder inside the information field.

Tip: Limit your clue to only a few words. Otherwise, you increase the cognitive burden.


Search is a fundamental activity and an essential element of building a content-heavy application or site. Proper size for the info field or showing what information goes in search field can significantly increase search convenience together with overall UX – Web Design Liverpool.

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