Essential ways Drones are being used to help the environment

Essential ways Drones are being used to help the environment

The commercial drone industry is currently one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and because of their versatility, they have diverse uses.

Drones are used across many industries and for the wide variety of uses, it is no wonder drones have become as popular as they are today.

An essential part of our daily lives that have seen the impact of drones is the environment, the effects of climate change are now very apparent after enduring so much devastation. Drones have provided much-needed reprieve, however small an impact compared to the damage done. Our drone footage Warrington team has discovered a few essential ways drones are being used to help the environment: 

Aerial Mapping

Traditionally, aerial mapping and monitoring were left to the more costly options of satellites and aircraft use. A drone can fly over an area at a very low altitude without producing exhaust emissions. Drones have the edge over traditional methods of mapping as they are not restricted by cloud cover, are more accessible and much cheaper to operate, and do not involve a lot of manpower. Our drone footage Warrington team found an example of how drones are being used to help the environment; in Chad, drones are used to monitor water reserves essential for the city.

Environmental Disaster Relief

Drones are also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are being used globally to aid in disaster management. Drones are being used to scan the affected areas, take on environmental disasters and asses the impact for better recommendations from the ones in charge. Our drone footage Warrington team example of this is when they are used in dealing with forest fires in California, they have been used to assess the damage or potential damage, then use them to dispense firefighting equipment.

Wildlife Conservation

Another way drones are being used to help the environment is by wildlife conservationists; they use drones to monitor specific animal types and survey their surrounding areas to protect them. Controlling large tracts of land, such as game reserves, can be both costly and complicated. Our drone footage Warrington team has found that in Australia, drones are used to monitor Orangutans and Chimpanzees, whereas, in the Amazon, authorities use drones to spot and track illegal poachers.

Agricultural Sustainability

Technological advancements in agriculture over time have meant innovation in the sector; one of the ways it has employed the innovative use of new technology is by the introduction of drones. Drones have started replacing fuel-burning machinery previously used in farms. Our drone footage Warrington team found an example of this is where farmers have used drones to spray pesticides over their farms compared to motorized machines that were previously used.

Weather Forecasting

Scientists are leveraging new forms of hardware and software to help study the climate and better predict future changes to global weather systems. Today, most data is collected through stable structures;  drones, however, offer a versatile option that can physically follow weather patterns as they develop. Our drone footage team Warrington has found that the University of Washington drones are being used to collect data off the shore autonomously. The scientists behind the project hope that the data collected by the drones will help make weather forecasts more accurate.

Drones can do a lot more than take cool photos and videos; they can protect the environment in a variety of ways. The demand for environmental monitoring drones is only going to increase as the benefits of such technology make it critical for how they assess the environment and reduce pollution.