Elements of modern web design

Elements of modern web design

In most cases, companies will already have a particular font that they use as part of their brand and something which can distinguish them. Over the years it has become increasingly popular to express and create more designs through means of text/typography. Choices in typography often hint at what your brand is like giving little hints about who you are. Typography can be helpful when leading customers through your site especially when there have been more design elements added to it. Large and creative typography can also be used to outline important parts of your business that you may want potential customers to know about you.

Large, responsive and visual hero images

Many websites nowadays use hero images in order to draw the attention of the viewer. The hero image makes use of large, visually strong images with little text in order for the viewer to scroll down the page. In my opinion hero images add a sense of minimalism into a design letting the image do all the visual representation. Regardless of text, these images are capable of telling the story. However, making that image responsive is key for them to work.

Background videos

Videos that play automatically within a site are great for showcasing a business’s services or product. They can reduce the amount of text and visuals needed also to explain the business. The likelihood of a viewer becoming more enticed by a moving element on your site increases significantly as people would much rather watch something rather than read it. Videos are effortless for a potential customer and information can be consumed very easily. These videos will often only have one line of text overlaying the video as they can often gage the key points within your business.

Semi-flat design

Flat design is design without any 3D elements or the perception of making things look 3D. Flat design is great when trying to get viewers to comprehend your site as usually they are layout correctly and the functionality is a lot less complex leading to quicker load time to the site.

Hamburger menus

With some websites, the long navigation menu can give you plenty of options to look at. This can make the web page look cluttered and take up more space than actually needed. Hamburger menus take this problem away by storing all these options within it until clicked by the viewer and can often be found in the top right corner of a website on a mobile and computer device.

Large product images

With a website nowadays it is always better when the viewer has a better understanding of what you do or what you sell. Large product images make it easy to showcase products within the site and also outline features and specification a product may have. The Apple website is a great example of a company that showcases large images of its products. The large product images make it easier for a customer to buy a product and overall benefit you as a business.

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