Essential Pages Your Website Needs

The essential pages your business website needs.

Essential Pages Your Website Needs

Creating a well-designed website is an integral part of your business to ensure success. Although every E-Commerce website differs significantly, there are some essential website pages that business owners cannot ignore. If you are wondering what to include on your business website, then this write-up is entirely for you. Continue reading to know more about this aspect.

Whether you are hiring a web design agency or designing on your own, here are the eight essential pages that will help you draw more potential customers and revenue:


The homepage is probably the first thing most users will see. As such, it is crucial to have a well-designed homepage, which will help draw the user’s attention. Studies have shown that it takes only 0.05 seconds for users to decide whether to continue on a particular website. Hence, your homepage should have compelling content.

Your homepage should include a short description of your company and the products or services you are providing. Besides, you can include a list of bullet points on how your company can help the customers. Ensure that you avoid lengthy descriptions of every product or service you offer, and keep your homepage clutter-free.

About Page

One of the most visited website pages is the about page, which allows you to convince your potential customers or clients. The about page should tell your story and the ways you distinguish your company from other competitors. It should include a summary of your company’s background, history, and achievements. By including all this information on this page, it will increase the credibility of your company.

Products and Services Page

This page will answer the question of what services or products your business offers. In other words, it gives the reason for your company’s existence. We recommend starting with a brief description of your products or services before listing them. If you are providing multiple products or services, you should consider giving a dedicated page to each product or service. For products or services with extensive descriptions, you can divide them into categories and add a link to each category where they can read more about your services or products.

Testimonials Page

Another essential page your website needs is the testimonials page where you can show off your positive feedback. If you want to increase the authenticity of each testimonial, we recommend including the reviewer’s photos and social media accounts. It will give the impression to the users that you are trustworthy and that you provide excellent services.

Contact Page

What is worse than to lose a potential customer or client because they couldn’t reach you? If you want to avoid such situations, then the contact page is a must for your business website. The contact page includes essential details such as phone number, email address, fax number, and social media accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions Page

If you do not want your potential customers or clients to contact you for asking the same question, then you should consider this page for your business website. Here, you can educate your customers by answering some of the frequently asked questions.

Privacy Policy Page

This page is a must for any business website that ensures visitor’s security for their personal information. It lets users know what type of information your website collects, and how your company will use this data. You can also include how users can acquire a copy of the collected information. You should ensure that you strictly adhere to your company privacy policy.

Terms and Conditions Page

Another essential page for your website is the terms and conditions page, which is also a must for every website. It outlines the rules and guidelines your customers should abide by to make use of your business website. You can include essential guidelines and rules based on how your business website operates.

Tips for Maximum Conversion

  • Add a few positive testimonials on every website page.
  • Do not let your potential customers or clients spend time searching for the sign-up form. You should consider including a Call-to-Action on all your website pages.
  • Many people do not like reading lengthy descriptions. As such, we recommend incorporating visual content such as videos and pictures, which will help to capture the attention of the users.
  • Finally, you should consider optimizing your website keywords, which will allow your website to rank higher in search engines with SEO.


To sum up, when it comes to E-Commerce business, having a well-designed website is critical for the success of your business. The above-listed points are some essential pages your website would need and are by no means exhaustive.