Facebook Adds Option To Send Marketing Emails Via App

How to send marketing emails on Facebook

Facebook Adds Option To Send Marketing Emails Via App

For those email marketing skeptics, this might change your mind: several Facebook users recently reported seeing the “marketing email” feature. What does this feature mean?

The new ‘marketing email’ feature supposedly allows users to send customized marketing emails to their email subscribers directly via their Facebook page.

How does Facebook email marketing work?

If you want to get right to it, imagine Facebook email marketing as your traditional CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – only easier! This feature helps integrate traditional email marketing with social media platforms in an attempt to streamline the entire marketing process.

What steps are involved in using the feature?

As per some user’s screenshots, there are not many steps involved.

  • First, you need to confirm your Facebook page email address.
  • After confirmation, you would need to add your email list manually to Facebook’s database. Yes, manually!
  • Facebook will ask you to confirm if the contacts in your email list have permitted you to send them promotional emails.
  • Lastly, you have to agree with Facebook’s user terms and conditions. Now, you can proceed to create email campaigns through your Facebook page.

Why Facebook email marketing?

The big question on everybody’s mind is: what is the point of Facebook email marketing? What unique features does it bring to the table?

The question can be answered by one word – CRM. Facebook’s email marketing venture is its optimistic attempt to replace/replicate the traditional CRM system. The feature includes everything from running social media ads to creating promotional emails. The only difference is that you can do all that by just using the Facebook business hub.   

So, in a way, Facebook is running its own promotion through the feature. This may be the main reason Facebook sends out our email via their proprietary email address (business.mailbyfb.com). This email address is attached to your profile. So when you send out emails, your subscribers will see this email address instead of your original one.

What you need to know before using Facebook’s marketing email feature

The biggest area of concern for the Facebook email marketing feature is that you have to provide the base data (email list) manually. So, the luxury of automation is virtually absent. Also, you cannot just use the email address that people have provided on the Facebook profile. So, things are still a bit on the sloppy side.

Facebook allows you to compose your emails directly from the page, which is extremely convenient and quick. However, apart from that, the process is practically identical to the traditional CRM system.

Who should use Facebook email marketing feature?

As mentioned above, Facebook’s marketing feature is an attempt to replicate the traditional CRM system. That narrows down their target audience to small-medium businesses that may not be familiar with CRM software. The feature provides an ideal alternative for smaller companies to kick-start their email marketing with ease.

Furthermore, Facebook is constantly updating its contact listings to provide a more reliable and efficient system to keep track of relevant data.

Overall, this Facebook’s peculiar feature might just be the perfect tool to launch small businesses to digital marketing platform