Our guide to creating the best posts for Instagram in 2020

Our guide to creating the best posts for Instagram in 2020

Instagram is one of the most popular and fastest-growing social media platforms available. Social Media managers and digital marketing specialists alike have to work to create the best posts possible in order to stand out from competitors and engage with their target audience. To ensure success, our Marketing Company Warrington team at Blue Whale Media routinely analyse elements of Instagram marketing to produce successful and engaging posts.

Choose the right filter like our Marketing Company Warrington

Your Instagram feed should present a united and cohesive image of your business and brand. Choosing the right filters, themes and colour schemes will create a unified face of your business and help to develop your brand. Customers that interact with a brand that feels whole and well thought out are more likely to click through and connect with your company. Our Marketing Company Warrington team recommend that every business creates comprehensive brand guidelines to help with this.

Like Marketing Company Warrington, decide on the right message for Instagram

Marketing research shows that consumers are less likely to read through a lengthy caption on Instagram, so our Marketing Company Warrington team recommend that before you post any content to your company profile, take the time to decide what kind of message you want to convey through Instagram. Keep it concise and snappy and link your customers to your other social media platforms for further details. Studies have shown that customers appreciate giveaways, contests and DIYs more on Instagram posts.

Boost your Instagram Marketing Company Warrington strategy with emojis

Collected data shows a clear increase in post-interaction when the caption involves emojis. We’re not saying that you should exclusively use emojis in your captions, but statistics show that posts with between 20-25 emojis perform the best on the platform. At Blue Whale Media Marketing Company Warrington, our team supports emojis in Instagram captions as a way to increase customer engagement and interaction.

Utilise Instagram’s carousel feature like our Marketing Company Warrington

A vast database of Instagram data shows that carousel posts are steadily passing other mediums and receive the highest number of likes and comments on the platform. For all sizes of business, carousel posts show a distinct advantage over videos and still images. Our Marketing Company Warrington team recommends that you invest time and effort into creating engaging, interesting and relevant content for your subscribers. This is not to say that you should utilise the carousel for every post, but we recommend that you use this feature when you have a significant project or service to promote.


With over 500 million daily active users, every business can capitalise on the huge platform that Instagram provides. Investing in effective and target driven posts can help your business flourish and can guarantee that your brand is chosen above your competitors. If you would like more information regarding our services or to find out how our Marketing Company Warrington can help you, please visit the link below: