How to manage an eCommerce website

How to manage an eCommerce website

When it comes to managing an eCommerce website there a few things you need to think about. Here at Blue Whale Media, as the best choice for web design in Manchester, we deal with a lot of eCommerce websites. The main eCommerce website I work on is for Used Mobiles 4U, which is a company that sells refurbished phones. In today’s blog, I am going to go through on what you should do to make your eCommerce website successful.

Knowing your product

When it comes to selling a product you need to know what your target audience is and who is going to buy your product. To do this you need to do some research. Having a look at other eCommerce websites will give you an idea on how you want to market your products. This can be in categories, colours, gender and so on.

When you know who your target market, then you can think about how to present and promote your product or products.  For example what we have done is put our phones in company categories, which they are in more categories which is the model of the phones. This makes it easier for people to go through your site.

Keep up with the media

With the recent events that have gone on in the world, it has become more and more challenging to communicate with friends or family. We had seen this as an opportunity to sell our phones. So to take this opertunity meant us reducing all of our phones, making them more affordable for people to buy. By also doing this, I created some promo videos, statues, Facebook banner and changed the main image on our website.

Just by doing this, we got a rise in our sales, and this also meant we have helped someone else stayed connected. By keeping up with the media and making it relate to your product if it is necessary helps sales on your eCommerce website.

Have a simple navigation

Navigation is vital when it comes to having a functional eCommerce site. To manage it is more important. You need to make sure that your products are in-stock and are in the right place because if your products are not in the right place, this gives your site a bad user experience.

You need to put your products into categories that are relevant to your products so you then can place then into those categories. After doing this if you can put your products into more subcategories this is also helpful.

Creating content

When it comes to managing your stock and making sure your site is working properly, you also need to create the right content for SEO Manchester. The best way to do this is creating and writing blogs that relates to your product. This could be a review on your product, why you should buy the product or even comparing your products. You could also write descriptions of your products at the bottom of the products page which also counts as content. For social media you can create from storys, posts and promo videos and this just shows that you are active on your social media.