How Often Should You Update Your GoogleAds Campaign?

How often should you monitor your GoogleAds Campaign?

How Often Should You Update Your GoogleAds Campaign?

Everyone should (hopefully) know that you can’t just setup a GoogleAds campaign and leave it to run its course until you ran out of money. Advertising with GoogleAds consists of continuous monitoring, updating and optimising your campaign to make sure you get the best possible results based on your own data. But how often should you make changes to your GoogleAds and how do you know when you have enough data to make any changes? In this blog, I will try to answer these questions and explain how often you should update your GoogleAds marketing campaigns and accounts.

How new is your campaign?

Setting up a new GoogleAd campaign is probably the stage where you will be monitoring most and making changes to your advertising plan and strategy. The opening stages of your campaign will be able to show you how well your ad copy is, how much you should be bidding on your keywords etc.

How many keywords are you targeting?

The amount of keywords is another factor in how often you should be monitoring your GoogleAds account. A large amount of keywords will hopefully give you a large amount of data to analyse, work with and utilise when optimising your campaign.

What is your budget?

Many people would argue that a campaign with a larger budget would require more time of monitoring and updating to ensure the money is being spent for the best return on investment and conversions. However, working with Blue Whale Media many of our clients are small and medium businesses who do not have a large budget for marketing or advertising. I would also argue that it is important to dedicate a good portion of time to monitoring accounts with a small budget. Small budget accounts need to be constantly monitored and optimised to ensure what budget they have is being correctly spent.

Are you meeting your goals?

A simple one – is your campaign currently reaching the goals and objectives you have set out? Is it achieving your desired CTR, conversion rate or impression share etc? If you find your campaign is not hitting your targets, then it is time to review your current performance and find out what you can do to improve and optimise.

Why you should be monitoring your GoogleAds campaigns

So we’ve discussed the factors that can determine how often you should be monitoring and making changes to your GoogleAds campaign, but exactly why should you do this? Firstly, the competition is always changing. Your competitors are watching how you are impacting their paid search performance and optimising their own campaigns based on that. New competitors will come and old competitors will go, each with their own plan and goals on how to compete with you on the paid search platforms.

Secondly, Google is constantly making changes to their Ads platform. From adding new features such as new bidding options, or removing seemingly very useful information such as what data you can view, it is important to ensure your campaign can perform at its peak with all the different changes that are made to the GoogleAds platform itself.

Thirdly, you need to ensure you are keeping up to date. Perhaps your services or products are best suited for a certain time of the year, or your no longer running a promotion offer. You need to ensure your adverts are reflecting your current business model and consumer trend such as the latest promotions and offers as well as promoting what your customers actually want here and now.