How to plan a successful Q&A video?

How to plan a successful Q&A video?

Have you wanted to host your own Q&A video and wondered where to start?

A Q&A session can be a breath of fresh air from ordinary and scripted content. They can also boost engagement with your audience and allow them to get to know more about your company on a personal level.

These types of videos are becoming a more popular video to create. Our videography Warrington team can help you revisit the ways to create a Q&A video with the tips below successfully.

Clear Focus

The best Q&A videos are the ones with the clearest focus; however, they can be a complex and messy aspect of every profession, not just videography. If the topic is more precise, then the video is likely to be more successful. Our videography Warrington team likes to organize themes of Q&A videos around industry trends or specific specialties.

Comprehensive Agenda

Having a clear theme or topic will help you to be productive within your Q&A video. A topic will also make your video well-versed enough for an in-depth discussion, especially important if your group takes a bit of time to warm up. Our videography Warrington team suggests that the more preparation you can do for the Q&A video, the less stressful it will be to create.


You need to have some questions ready, which can serve as an ice breaker or safety net if your interviewee doesn’t give you the answer you wanted. The famous saying: fail to prepare, prepare to fail; if you’re prepared with extra questions, the less likely it is that something will go wrong. The additional questions can serve as a way of explaining shorter answers to your viewers as well as allowing your interviewee to say a bit more in the process.

Interact with viewers.

What makes Q&A videos so successful is the amount of user engagement they can generate. Boost user engagement is easy when you interact with your audience as they join and comment on your live stream. Start a conversation and encourage more questions from your audience because if they’re already watching you, they’re already interested.

Our videography Warrington team suggests staying live platforms such as Facebook for at least 10 minutes to increase engagement length.

Promote The Session Adequately

Using your website and most of your social media to communicate that you’re doing a Livestream Q&A to your audience. The anticipation can be even better than the video itself; you can create a promotional strategy that sells your live stream. Our videography Warrington team takes pictures of the participants before the Livestream Q&A; this helps to sell your video to your audience and possibly get you more views and engagement.

Sync Your Social

Social media is a crucial element of a good Q&A Livestream and all you have to do is choose the best channel to promote or host it on. Social is also a key part of the actual session.

Social users are more confident when interacting and can be more involved in the Q&A conversation.

A successful Q&A video allows your audience to become involved within the video, as they gain a better insight into your company.

Every video project you will create will be different, but the tips from our videography Warrington team will help you to create a Q&A video that you and your team can be proud of.