Creating minimalism within graphic design

Creating minimalism within graphic design

Minimalistic design refers to the design technique which makes use of creating clear and sharp graphics with no dramatic or distracting features within it. A good piece of minimalistic work could have great use of white space and making sure that elements within the graphic don’t clutter the overall view. Each feature should serve a purpose and have the reasoning of being there. Minimalistic design can seem easy as there is less to play with however, that is the complete opposite as it can almost be harder to create due to the strict rules it can propose.

Simplicity and clearness

The main feature to all minimalistic work is to keep it simple as bringing too many elements together can hinder the work you’re trying to create. Fonts should be limited to a maximum of two and your colour palette should be more relaxed and refined as too much colour can create a distracting concept. The minimalistic design definitely goes by the saying ‘less is more’ and some great pieces of work can be produced through these little rules.

Typefaces and fonts

Being very selective with your typefaces can play a very important part when creating your minimalistic art piece. Although it may not seem that important and good clean typeface can go a long way. With choosing typefaces it is also important that they look good in a laid-out format and is easy to read when decreased in size as smaller text helps to add more blank space within the artwork.

No typical design tricks

By design tricks what I mean is stuff you would normally put on a graphic or a website to make it look better such as drop shadows, effects, textures and crazy typefaces. When creating a minimalistic piece, it is better to stick with the basics and focus more on colours, fonts and layout. It can be easy for a designer to fall under the trap of adding unnecessary features without needing them.

Attention to detail

Although it may seem like not a lot of attention is needed as there is not a lot going on, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Minimalistic design is all about attention to detail as elements must be aligned, organised and balanced properly. All elements on the page must work in harmony of each other and just by throwing stuff on a page doesn’t make it minimalistic. Designs that are rushed can seriously affect the minimalism you’re trying to achieve.


Consistency focuses more on designers that could be doing multiple pieces for the same project rather than just a one-off. It always looks great when the same minimalistic elements are used throughout a design project. With consistency, it can be very easy for a designer mind to wander and go a bit off track with what they are trying to achieve. This is why it can be hard to be consistent through several pieces of work as new ideas always propose themselves.

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