How to drive your sales through Facebook

How to drive your sales through Facebook

How to drive your sales through Facebook

For an Liverpool eCommerce site being on specific selling, social media platforms will increase your sales if you use the right ones in the right way. One of the best platforms to use is a Facebook shop, and in this blog, I am going to tell you how to optimise your Facebook to increase sales of your products.

Set up your Facebook shop

Uploading a catalogue is the first step to growing your business online. Having a product catalogue lets people browse and buy from your online shop. It unlocks new advertising features that allow you

to connect with people who might be interested in what you have to sell.

By having a catalogue which showcases your products, you are now able to run dynamic ads, set up shopping on Instagram, connect to a business Page shop and more. Personally, what I have found that works best is showing your best selling products on Facebook. Especially if you have a vast range of different products or if you have a seasonal catalogue I would update your Facebook shop to showcase these products. For example, a summer and winter collection would be two different catalogues.

When you have created your shop, don’t forget to tag your products in your posts.

Find the right ad to showcase your products

Dynamic Ads – You can use dynamic ads to automatically promote the specific product that someone is likely to purchase.

Travel Ads – Automatically promote the most relevant travel inventory to people likely to book flights, hotels and more.

Event Ads – Use event ads to increase ticket sales for upcoming concerts, shows and events.

Choose the right advertising objective

If you are an online shop that is mainly based on a platform outside Facebook, choosing the Conversion objective will help you increase page visits, sales or other action on your website. The other objective that you can choose is the catalogue sales objective. The Catalogue Sales objective will help you drive sales from your Facebook catalogue. This advertising objective can be paired with dynamic ads to automatically show people your most popular products from your Facebook shop. If you have a new collection, you can also show this so people can see that variety of products.

Define your audience

Send your ads out to people that already know who you are you can exclude people who have already made a purchase on your site, or you can retarget people who have visited your products in the past 90 days but not completed the checkout. This will help you regain customers to make a new sale.

Try and find new people who are in a similar spectrum, to your best customers. Lookalike Audiences help you reach people with similar interests and behaviours as the people who have purchased from your online shop or app in the past.