How to Find Your Blog Topic?

How to Find Your Blog Topic?

How to Find Your Blog Topic?

Not all content is created equal. Letting the internet tell you what to blog about is a level of mediocrity. This isn’t going to be good when you are trying to stand out in the very crowded search result page of Google.

The web is overrun with companies that have bigger budgets than you and can churn out content every day.

Where you put your time can make or break your digital efforts. How can your content grow traffic month after month?

Our content marketing team at Blue Whale Media has put together how they are able to generate so many topics. Here are their helpful tips:

Know your audience

Everything comes down to your audience, there’s nothing more essential or critical to blog success than knowing your audience. What are their pain points, concerns and obsessions when it comes to your services or products? The point isn’t to get hung up on idealising your audience, you need to find things you can work on or write about in terms of blog topics. Take the time to understand the people that currently buy from you, so you can update your blog topics and brand out to find more of them.

Make relevance your guiding light

Relevancy is nothing new, but what does it mean in the context of blogging?

  • Relevance is focused on your audience. What is your audience interested in and what problems are they facing? Try to be relevant, meaning everything you do is about your audience when it comes to blog topics.
  • Relevancy is focused on your niche. The narrower the niche, the better you will be able to define and develop your relevancy.
  • Relevancy is focused on your objectives. Every blog has an objective – a goal beyond just attracting eyeballs and getting traffic. You will need to define relevancy in the relationship with your objectives.
  • Relevancy is focused on solutions to problems. Relevant content starts with need and develops into solutions. When you can successfully solve real issues then you are nailing relevance.

Keyword research your topics

The idea is to put all your topical keywords into a keyword research tool, there are loads out there and there are free tools to use that save you the hassle. They will tell you the search volume of the word, the keyword difficulty and social interest. Don’t be disheartened if your key terms are competitive. It’s 2020, anything worth anything is competitive.

Advice and tips

Try to choose topics that can provide your readers with tips and advice that are relevant to your niche. Choose to write about topics that can provide lots of information for your audience but also keep it simple. You could also write two or three blogs about certain topics and then interlink each blog.

Blog traffic growth should pick up speed over time. When you create blog topics that are more inline with your brand and what your audience is actually looking for, which means you’ll likely start out in a crowded space.

If you need more information or assistance with blog writing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Blue Whale Media today.