How to Increase your Sales on Cyber Monday

How to Increase your Sales on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are the most extensive online selling days in a year. Last year was no exception, with the online sales totalling close to $24.2 billion.

Do you want to reap big from this cyber Monday? Then you need to have a plan on how to increase your sales. Start by selecting the competent marketing agency Warrington to handle your campaigns.

Here’s what you need to do to boost your sales.

Create a Hype 

Do you want your cyber Monday campaigns to be successful? Employ psychological triggers like scarcity and urgency, which creates a spike in your sales.

But how do you do this?

You can create a sense of urgency or scarcity by building anticipation around the sales. Your marketing agency Warrington should help you with this.

For instance, create teaser videos, fan curiosity via content, among other details. However, don’t divulge all the details about your sale until after the actual sale.

Collect Pre-Orders 

Do you have contact details of your existing, past, or prospective customers? Then employ a pre-order strategy to help make sales even before the weekend starts.

But what’s a pre-order?

It’s when you list an item on your store, which is not yet on sale. In most cases, the item is to be launched at a later date, say the cyber Monday.

Consult the marketing agency Warrington to help with pre-ordering. Here, customers will pay a deposit to reserve their products before you avail them in the market.

Optimize your Campaign for Mobile 

More than half of cyber Monday orders are made from mobile devices. Yes, desktop orders might have a higher value average order, but the mobile consumer trend is evident.

More clients are shopping on the move. As such, your marketing agency Warrington should ensure your website is mobile-user friendly. It should also be capable of handling the surges without crashing.

Draft a Discount Strategy 

You want to increase your average sales on a Cyber Monday. But how do you do this?

Sell the products in a bundle at a reduced price than what customers would pay on individual products. If your customers select a single product, then suggest a package for them — alternatively, select ads on which they can use with the products already in the shopping cart.

At times, you’ll offer gifts for purchases above a specific price. A higher discount rate above an absolute value will also do the trick. Your marketing agency Warrington should advise you on the best strategy to use.

Use A/B Testing Campaigns 

Remember, your eCommerce site is the most significant source of information in the buyer’s behaviour. As such, collect more data to help you make iterations on your store.

Over the cyber Monday period, the marketing agency Warrington should make interactions of banners, landing pages, web copies, and marketing emails. Collecting this information informs your decision for the next cyber weekend.

Customize Cross-Sells 

Yes, you’ve been collecting data. It’s time to make helpful suggestions to your buyers.

Before the cyber weekend begins, the marketing agency Warrington should run reports on your sales. The information will help you understand the combination of products that customers buy. Use this data to focus your marketing efforts on popular products.

Cyber Monday offers you an opportunity to boost your sales. At Blue Whale Media, we’re your partners in achieving your goals. Call us today for tips and guidance to increase your sales.

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