How To Invest In Your Career In Tech

How To Invest In Your Career In Tech

How To Invest In Your Career In Tech

Investing in yourself is essential to building a vibrant career. It’s your responsibility to discover your unique gifts, attributes and capabilities that can give you a competitive edge. To have a flourishing career, you should stay up-to-date with tech, especially in a fast-paced industry, it’s easy to fall behind on skills that give you an edge.

At Blue Whale Media, we stay up to date with tech news daily. It’s just part of our normal routine in the office; we even share articles and news with each other.

Here’s how best to invest in your career in tech:

Make a habit of staying on top of industry news that’s relevant to you.

We spend one to two days a week going through the latest marketing and tech updates to prioritise what we should be learning. Be realistic with yourself, start by setting one day aside to keep updated with industry news. You can’t read and learn everything as tech is a vast field, but make a habit of tuning in to what people at the top of your field are doing can go a long way in keeping up-to-date.

Follow newsletters or blogs that curate relevant news.

For newsletters, at Blue Whale Media, we recommend a weekly or monthly one, so that you don’t get too overwhelmed with content. If you do a quick google search, you’ll find examples of newsletters about all the noteworthy releases or articles that came out that week. Find ways to incorporate articles, white papers, expert blogs, and magazines related to skills you want to improve into your daily routine.

Join a professional network.

This is somewhere you’ll find peers and mentors who share content, events and news that make you think, as well as a community that lifts you. At Blue Whale Media, the girls in the office joined Tech Ladies, where there is a strong community of inspiring women and it’s free! We also recommend checking out their blog. They offer fantastic support for women in the workplace.

Look for Learning Opportunities

Keep an eye out for webinars, workshops, and conferences, you’re probably already connected to learning opportunities that you may not know about. Finding learning opportunities will help you enhance your current skills and resources as well as better determine how you can use those to build skills that will help you move forward.

Follow people who are active in your community

You can keep up with leaders in your domain through platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or even Facebook. One tip we have at Blue Whale Media is to create a list of the interesting articles shared on social media and go through them once a week. This will give you more time and it’ll be more productive for you, you won’t be rushing to digest lots of information.

Think of your investment as a personal enrichment process; it will always work for you because it focuses on making you a better person both in and outside of the workplace. Keeping your knowledge current of the tech industry is a great way to invest in your career.