How to make a website seo friendly

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How to make a website seo friendly

An seo friendly website is important as this makes it easy for search engines crawlers to find the website and fully understand its contents. Having an seo friendly website is important to help bring visitors on to your site.

A title and description for each page

Having a unique title and description for each page on your website is important for search engine indexing. Page titles should describe exactly what the webpage is about in detail and you should use target keywords in your titles. Titles should be between 55-60 characters long. Page description should explain what the web page is about and should be up to 155 characters long. Page descriptions can be shown under the page title if the search engine can not find any more relevant information to show.

Fast loading webpages

For a website to be seo friendly it is important to ensure that all of your pages load quickly. A slow loading website can also be off-putting to visitors of the website. Doing things like compressing images or reducing the number of them on the pages can help to increase the page loading speed.

Using unique content

Creating a website with unique content can help with seo as you will have less competition to rank against and so are likely to rank higher in search results. Search engines also flag any webpages with plagiarised content and so this could affect your search engine rankings.