How To Track Your Marketing Campaigns With Google Analytics

How to track your marketing campaigns with Google's Campaign URL Builder

How To Track Your Marketing Campaigns With Google Analytics

Many small businesses will utilise a range of platforms for their digital marketing, such as social media, email or Google. Perhaps you’ve had to keep track of your marketing statistics in a range of different platforms, or maybe you haven’t managed to track them at all. In this blog, I will explain how you can track all your marketing efforts and campaigns in Google Analytics with the help of the Google Campaign URL Builder.

What Is The Google Campaign URL Builder?

The Google Campaign URL builder is a useful feature which allows you to easily track your marketing by customising your URLs with UTM parameters. This allows you to associate users to your specific social media or email marketing campaigns, so you know how many website visitors and conversions you garner from each campaign.

You have probably come across a UTM coded url yourself without knowing it. Take this as an example:

This URL consists of three main points:

  1. Source: the specific source of the user. In this case it is from a special Christmas marketing email.
  2. Medium: the specific medium the user was acquired from. In this case the medium is email.
  3. Campaign: your own custom campaign name. In this case, it is Christmas Email Marketing.

Using this URL, we can segment our users in Google Analytics to find out how many users we acquired from this specific marketing email and how the users interacted on our website.

How To Use The Campaign URL Builder

You may be thinking using UTM parameters and building these URLS can be a little complex, but it is actually a very simple process.

  1. Go to the Campaign URL builder website.
  2. Enter the URL you want your users to click through to.
  3. Add the necessary information such as the campaign name, medium, source etc.
  4. Use the newly generated URL with your UTM parameters.

Why You Should Use The Campaign URL Builder

Any and all marketing campaigns will have some sort of goal in mind: whether it’s awareness, lead generation, sales or website visits. The Google Campaign URL Builder is a great way for you to breakdown your website’s users and engagement into specific campaigns and even specific content (eg: multiple adverts in one GoogleAds campaign can be tracked with separate code so you know how users from different ads have acted on your website.) This is a simple and useful method webmasters and marketers can use to identify how successful their marketing campaigns are at achieving the given goals.

View Your Campaigns On Google Analytics

You can see all your UTM-tracked campaigns on Google Analytics by clicking Acquisition, Campaigns and All Campaigns. This gives you a range of useful metrics broken down by each campaign you are tracking with UTM parameters. This can include:

  • Users
  • New Users
  • Sensions
  • Bounce Rate
  • Pages per Session
  • Average Session Duration
  • Goals and Conversions

These metrics can be used when determining the success of your campaigns.

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