How to Win Customers With Email Marketing

How to win over customers with email marketing

How to Win Customers With Email Marketing

It is a well-established fact that email marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-friendly marketing solutions. But, simply implementing it does not produce magical results by itself. Many intricate factors contribute to make email marketing such a popular and successful venture.

So, what are the best techniques to attract potential customers with email marketing?

Segregate your audience

It can be a daunting task to focus on a mass audience at once. Instead, analyze your audience and create different categories according to their interests and requirements. Typically, you can segregate your audience in three types: cold leads, win-backs and existing customers.

What are Cold-leads?

Cold leads refer to users that are entirely new to your company. In brief, these are either not familiar with your products or have just never used them. It can be a daunting task to convert them since you would have to start from scratch.

Best practices to win over cold leads.

The best way to approach a cold-lead is to get right to the point. Keep your emails short and give them a convincing reason to open it. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid sounding too promotional. New users prefer building relationships with brands that seem genuine rather than just making absurd promises.

What are Win-backs?

As you might have guessed, win-backs refer to those users that were once your customer but are no longer active. Win-back campaigns are relatively easier than cold-leads since the user is already familiar with your product.

Best practices to implement win-back campaigns.

Remind users why they became a customer initially. Create personalized subject lines to highlight how you miss doing business with them. Update them on new things that they might have missed. Make them feel special by offering “welcome back” packages like instant discounts or coupons.

Who are the existing customers?

Existing customers are people who are currently using your product. Existing customers are your most valuable asset. Their valuable inputs can help boost your brand’s growth and improve your product’s quality.

Best practices to retain existing customers.

Create emails tailored to your customer’s preferences. Do not spam your existing customers with junk mail just for the sake of maintaining communication. Reward active customers by offering them special deals based on their interests. You can do this by analyzing their past shopping history.

Different types of email marketing

Different types of email marketing tactics can help boost your brand’s value and also keep your customers on their toes.

Welcome email

They say the first impression is the last impression. Welcome emails are the best way to generate curiosity in new visitors. You can custom create a welcome page to provide a brief overview of your brand.


The majority of the audience prefers receiving quality newsletters over other conventional (promotional) contents. A unique and informative newsletter goes a long way to secure a loyal customer for life.

Promotional email

Promotional emails are a great way to generate buzz around your products before their official release. In addition, they also help in announcing new products/services and webinars.

However, we would advise against running too many promotional emails as they can get quite annoying.

Occasion-specific emails

Nothing says “we care” more than wishing your audience happy birthday through a personalized email. The same applies to any other relevant occasions like anniversary or holiday wishes.

Recent studies show that anniversary email campaigns have nearly three times higher open rates than standard emails.