The importance of having a website designed for accessibility in 2020

The importance of having a website designed for accessibility in 2020

The importance of having a website designed for accessibility in 2020

Building a website in Wigan is far easier in 2020, but getting traffic to it is a different thing. You need to ensure that your website is ready to tackle various issues and resolve them to attract more visitors. Accessibility plays a crucial role in building traffic to your site, which is why; we have come up with a blueprint to help you get the most out of it. 

You can implement accessibility by taking some useful steps, which will enhance your site’s visibility and make it accessible for all. So how do you make your website accessible? If you have this question, you have landed on the right page. We will help you avoid certain mistakes and help you gain more visitors.

The importance of website accessibility

Making your website accessible can significantly impact your website growth. As more and more visitors turn up to your website, your site will gain potential users that will turn into customers. This process is extremely beneficial if you have an eCommerce website. 

It also helps in gaining trust from your visitors, which will make your site future-proof, as they will return back to your site whenever they need relevant information or service. 

How to make your website accessible

Before implementing these steps on your website, we recommend you to choose the ideal Content Management System for your site. This process will help to implement better accessibility on your website.

Here are the steps that you need to implement to have better accessibility on your website.

Make your website keyboard-friendly

Keyboards are an integral part of any computer system, and making your site work solely on keyboard input is an ideal start towards making your site accessible. The keyboard-navigation system used by many assistive technologies accepts commands from keyboard inputs. This process means that your website must work without input from the mouse.

We recommend adding this functionality to your site and test that every link is working without using the mouse.

Make your content easily accessible

If your page contains dynamic content, ensuring accessibility to all your content on the page plays a crucial role in making your site accessible. You can use ARIA landmarks to solve this problem and tag your dynamic content as live regions for screen readers to understand it better.

Adding alternative texts to images

Adding alt texts to images is an excellent way of making your website accessible. These texts replace images whenever they fail to load and helps screen readers to interpret the picture. It also provides more information to search engines and improves your website’s SEO. 

Structure your content using headers

Structuring the content using headers helps your visitors to easily digest and understand your content. It also helps the screen readers to interpret your content and provides better in-page navigation. 

Avoid automatic navigation and media

Automatic-playing media can be annoying and hinder your site’s performance. It would be best to avoid adding automatic elements that can confuse or annoy some users.

The Final Verdict

Improving your site’s accessibility is just as crucial as having SEO-friendly optimizations. This implementation will increase your traffic and help you get more conversions.