Tips that graphic designers should know about Instagram

Instagram Top Tips: Everything a Graphic Designer Needs to Know

As many of you know, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms to date making it an excellent marketing tool. It has also become increasingly popular for designers of all sectors to show off their work to others to maybe try and draw attention and in turn draw business. Some designers may also be using it simply to show off their work as more of a portfolio rather than just for business aspect. Standing out amongst the crowd of designers trying to do the exact same thing as you can be difficult and there are little tips to overcome this problem. You have to do so much more than just create a feed that looks beautiful. There is no point in doing that if it’s not going to be seen. In this blog, there are some little tips that will help boost your Instagram page for a wider audience.

Creating an enticing bio

You may not believe but a good bio can be a key for enticing the viewer to indulge more into your feed. This is an opportunity to state a quick summary of who you are and what you are offering. A bio has a limited character count of 150 so it is crucial that your bio is short and concise. A Bio can also consist call to actions which are great when trying to get people to either contact you or visit your website.

Being social is important

This may sound obvious as we are working on a social media platform but some accounts lose out from lack of interaction with others. This can include replying to comments, following and liking other profiles that are similar to yours. Even commenting on others work with honest authentic opinions to entice communication which could turn into a follow or like on pieces of your work.

Involve your followers with your posts

When putting new posts live it isn’t just important to catch attention through your actual work but what you’re saying. Writing interesting captions which involve maybe questions to try and spark some engagement can be a good technique. Depending on whether you are starting the Instagram for business purposes, giveaways and competitions can be a great way to attract new and present followers to enter. With social media it’s all about interaction and these competitions can create just that. Reposting work of designer you follow can also show that you appreciate others work and is great when you’re not producing content as fast as others.

Using hashtags effectively

As some of you may know hashtags are something that can be searched within Instagram to find certain posts or inspiration. So for example, if #logo was put into the search everyone that has put that in their caption would show. However, using big hashtags like that means that your post can easily get lost in the crowd as everyone who creates a logo will be using it. Trying to use more specific ones can be more effective when trying to show your work but using these alongside the more popular ones. You also don’t want to use too many hashtags as it can look quite spammy.

Be organised

It is very useful to be organised when making your Instagram consistent and for it to look nice. Knowing what you are going to post helps keep things fresh without posting the same sort of stuff all the time. You should also consider special days of the year such as Christmas to keep the audience engaged. It is also important to just consider the number of times you post as you dot want to bombard or leave it too long between posts as both can put off the audience.

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