Market Your Business On Social Media

How Blue Whale Media can market your business on social media.

Market Your Business On Social Media

Are you looking for a great way to represent your business through social media platforms? Choose Blue Whale Media as your trusted social media marketing partner and take your business to the next level. Through our expertly crafted and formulated social media marketing campaigns, our Social Media Marketing Manchester team can help your business thrive. We collaborate closely with your business to drive exceptional results. We are passionate about providing our customers with increased visibility, help to establish your brand and guide your business to success. We offer our social media services to businesses in London, Manchester, Widnes, Warrington, Wigan, St. Helen’s and Liverpool.

Reach Your Social Media Goals

The key to creating a powerful social media campaign is to identify the perfect social media channel for you and your demographic. At Blue Whale Media, our Social Media Marketing Manchester team will undertake an initial meeting with you to better understand your unique objectives and vision for your business. We understand that every brand is unique, and we customise campaigns to achieve the most effective results.

Platforms We Work With

Twitter – We reap the benefits of Twitter’s limited character count to deliver snappy, informing and convincing tweets to inform your followers of the goings on with your organisation.

Facebook – This platform is still the most popular amongst business owners and is now responsible for nearly half of internet traffic. It is important to ensure that your Facebook presence is both effective and on brand.

Instagram – The chosen image sharing platform for personal and business channels, Instagram has gained immense credibility and popularity for its powerful digital marketing possibilities.  Hashtags, location tags and other such functions make allow users to navigate this platform and make it a necessity for any business wanting a comprehensive social media image.

LinkedIn – A well developed and professional LinkedIn presence is likely to improve sales, generate leads and connect your brand with like-minded organisations. If you are looking to evolve and grow your business network, this is the perfect platform to do so.

YouTube –YouTube boasts a whole range the features that can legitimatie and set your social media account apart from the competition. What better way to inform your customers and target demographic of a service that you provide than through an engaging, brand specific video?

Vimeo – Similar to YouTube, this video sharing platform allows you to keep your customers informed of your organisations goings on through well produced video content. Users can upload, share, comment and subscribe, which makes this a powerful and effective marketing tool when properly utilised.