What does Marketing Company Warrington think will be the most popular trends in 2020?

What does Marketing Company Warrington think will be the most popular trends in 2020?

Modern technology and advertising have developed and evolved over the years to become a global phenomenon. Constant updates and changes in tech and advertising techniques have allowed for a stunning rate of change to digital marketing. As your trusted and experienced Marketing Company Warrington, our team at Blue Whale Media has a distinct and detailed understanding of what marketing trends could bring in 2020.

Marketing Company Warrington predicts a rise in shoppable posts

In 2019, advertising saw a shift towards shoppable posts on social media platforms. Social media is a common addition to many modern lifestyles and companies have been quick to capitalise on this. Statistics from 2019 show that a huge 72% of Instagram users purchased a product or service through the app. Fortunately for commercial brands and companies, the social media platforms have committed to creating quicker and more efficient ways for customers to purchase through the apps. Ecommerce platforms can now create in-post links that send the shopper directly to the product, therefore increasing that chance that they purchase.

Virtual and Augmented Reality could be on the rise according to Marketing Company Warrington

Both VR and AR have become huge trends in business and marketing over the past few years. In 2020, our Marketing Company Warrington is expecting to see a sharp rise in both of these platforms in business marketing and advertising. Already, AR is showing signs of surpassing VR in popularity amongst bigger businesses. For example, Swedish furniture giant IKEA have found a way to utilse AR to their advantage. Customers can now digitally upload pieces of IKEA furniture into a photograph of their home or space to ensure that what they are buying is the right fit for them.

Interactive content is that way forward according to Marketing Company Warrington

According to recent statistics, a significant 91% of online customers are looking for a more visual and interactive experience online. This type of content is more likely to keep your customers on your site and therefore increase sales and conversions. Our Marketing Company Warrington team see that interactive content provides customers with a more immersible and personable experience.

Marketing Company Warrington suggest personalisation is the key to success

The modern consumer can easily filter out non-personalised content and marketing products. From a survey of 1000 people, 90% suggested that they found personalisation instantly more appealing and that 80% of them would consider working with or buying from a company that had personalised their advertising. Personal emails are much more likely to be opened and our Marketing Company Warrington can help create bespoke and personalised platforms.


2020 is set to be an interesting and exciting year for marketing. Trends are set to follow an increase in personalised and tech-savvy additions and our Marketing Company Warrington can provide a comprehensive and enlightened service that will ensure that your business is at the top. Stand out from the competition with exceptional and modern advertising techniques.