Modern Technology We Use: VPN Software

How you can use a VPN in the workplace.

Modern Technology We Use: VPN Software

In our present world of technology, being security cautious is of paramount importance. There is also high demand from companies as they need to send encrypted data over a network.

VPN Technology has developed more strongly over the years and is becoming more widespread in the private and business sectors.

There are dozens of reasons why you need a VPN, our own Manchester web design team at Blue Whale Media has explained why you need one.

Why You Should Use a VPN

A VPN creates a secure online connection to another computer. If you want to experience a more open Internet, you need to use a VPN, as it shields your personal information from prying third-parties and hackers on public WiFi and other local networks.

Advantages of using a VPN

  1. Enhanced security. When you connect to the network through a VPN, the data is kept secure and encrypted; the information is away from the hackers’ eyes.
  2. Remote control. The great advantage of having a VPN is that it can be accessed remotely even from home or from any other place and increases productivity within a company.
  3. Online anonymity. Through a VPN, you can browse the web in complete anonymity. The advantage of a VPN service is that it allows you to access web applications and websites in complete anonymity.
  4. Unblock websites and bypass filters. VPNs are great for accessing blocked websites or for bypassing Internet filters. There is an increased number of VPN services used in countries where Internet censorship is applied.

Browse the Web Securely on Public WiFi

Wherever you go, you’re bound to notice if there is free WiFi. The typical reaction is to get online quickly and start browsing the web, checking social networks, email.

The problem is, it’s a hazardous activity without a VPN:

  • Your browsing is unencrypted, and unencrypted radio waves can be picked up by anyone.
  • Malware from one laptop in a coffee shop could find its way to your device via the router.
  • The free WiFi on offer could be a trap, a fake internet connection operating as the pleasant face of a phishing scam.

Save Money Shopping Online with a VPN

Incredible as it might seem, some online stores will display different prices for the same item, based on which country you’re browsing from. This could be anything from a handbag, shoes, a new car, or even hotel rooms. The solution is to search for prices carefully, methodically switch VPN servers with each attempt, until you find the lowest price.

Buying Cheap Tickets

You can also use a VPN to buy cheap flight tickets exclusive to a particular location. Every reservation center and airline operator has different prices for different countries. Look for an area with a low cost of living, then compare it with the one you reside in, connect through a VPN and get your ticket cheap.

Streaming Content

When it comes to watching content from abroad, use a VPN to stream and watch your favorite shows that can open up a world of new content to devour.

Connecting to a VPN automatically changes your IP address. Sites that may be blocked in your region become readily available, making it possible to access any site and service from virtually anywhere in the world.

People are looking for the best way to avoid being tracked while surfing the web. Using a VPN is the best solution for securing your information. Not only can you access the content you want whenever you want, but you can count on your private information staying private.