5 Outdated Web Design Trends to Let Go Of

Top 5 website design trends that you should stop using now.

5 Outdated Web Design Trends to Let Go Of

Change is inevitable. The world has seen various changes over generations. Updates in gadgets, fashion, lifestyle, etc. are a common thing. There is always going to be something better, which replaces the old existing trend. The same rule applies to web designing trends. These days, people have become dependent on the internet as it avails every possible service and business. In such situations, staying updated with the latest web designs is crucial, something our Manchcester web design company takes very seriously.

With new research and studies conducted over time, some outdated web designs do not fit well with the current online situation. Here is our personal list of top 10 outdated web design trends that should stop being used

Hero Sliders

The idea of image sliders was an innovative approach when first introduced. Web designers found it apt for saving space while simultaneously helps in displaying various promotional offers. However, over time and use, many experts found that it was the most significant factor in slowing down page speed. It also became an obstacle for users as it distracts and prevents them from moving ahead to other websites.

Today, many websites have started to use robust and straightforward hero image designs. Web designers learned their lessons from past experiences and began to be more thorough and efficient with saving space, while some websites are unable to make up their mind, which goes on to confuse their users even more.

Autoplay Audio/Videos

In most websites, audio files and videos automatically start to play when you open it. Many users find it annoying and unnecessary as it takes away their control to decide whether they want to hear or see it.

The concept of autoplay is a massive turn-off for many users and drives away the interest to even stay on the website when it happens. So it is high time to get rid of outdated autoplay designs.

3 Click Rule

Web designers created the concept of the 3-click rule to cut down friction for the user experience. However, many reports show that this concept never supported its claim.

Some study even explains how the concept instead increases the task as it involves completing three clicks. It also points out that, for minimizing, you will have to design such a complicated job and determine the quality of each step, which can be difficult.

External Links That Open in Same Tab

Many websites add links to their content for various reasons like referential purposes, navigational purposes, and promotional purposes. However, it is advisable to open external links in a new tab then on the same link. Allowing other links to open on your website will only replace your website and decrease the chances of getting more visitors to convert.

Pop Ups

Pop-ups are of several kinds, of which some are good while others can be bad for business. Over the years, it went through many evolutionary changes, and with GDPRs privacy notices, it is beginning to shape up the importance of pop-up.

It is crucial to recognize bad pop-ups and avoid it altogether from your web design.

Bad pop-ups can be those that:

  • Appears as soon as visitors enter the website.
  • Show up numerous times during a return or single visit.
  • Direct users to their Facebook Messenger to gather lead magnet and then later blast them with continuous messages.
  • It comes with two buttons. One sends a friendly message to users if they accept the offer, while the other serves up shame-inducing and aggressive language messages if they refuse the offer.
  • Web designs with a promotional banner woven into the website and keeps repeating the offer every time.

There are many more examples of web designs like Slow-Loading websites, Flash designs, Keyword Meta Tag, Non-traditional Scrolling, Cheesy Stock Photos, etc. that you need to avoid using in your website.