Difference Between PPC and SEO

Difference Between PPC and SEO

Over the past few years, there have been major advancements in technology that have made internet access relatively easier and thus position it as the modern dictionary for our generation. You can now literally get any information you need via any device with internet access i.e. mobile phones however you should be able to easily locate this information or you may otherwise miss it in the large pool of material online. This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay per Click) comes in. Both PPC and SEO are part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which ensures optimized websites are easily visible and hence position them strategically to get more clicks, increase traffic on their websites and consequently make more sales than their competitors. According to SEO Agency in Warrington, despite SEO and PPC having the same goal for the various websites, they have significant differences as well which have been explained in this article as below;

Easy To Use

Without relevant knowledge, SEO Agency in Warrington found that neither PPC nor SEO would be easy for you to use. SEO involves a series of strategies that need time and commitment before results can be seen. Google always wants to present the most relevant search result within the shortest time possible for guaranteed customer satisfaction. Therefore to optimize for SEO you should ensure your website’s content is well written, highly informative and relevant for the specific keywords, page responsiveness and loading speeds are as fast as possible, among other factors. Additionally, there are many updates which you should constantly keep up with to ensure you maintain your high ranks which may require a lot of patience and commitment from you or otherwise hire an expert. Similarly, to get good results from PPC you may need to attend workshops and learn how to go about or hire an expert to help you out and prevent loss of money as you try to find your way around the strategy.

Potential For More Traffic

SEO Agency in Warrington is confident that SEO is likely to give you more traffic if your website is well optimized compared to PPC. Statistically people usually click on the top 5 links that appear on their search results with very few scrolling to the bottom of the page before clicking. Research has shown that these websites which rank along with these positions continuously get traffic with volumes varying depending on the popularity of the keyword. Considering traffic versus cost, it is better to optimize your website for SEO and earn organic traffic that is continuous that pay for the same amount of traffic bearing in mind that the higher the traffic the higher the amount you will have to pay.

Cost For Website Owner

As suggested by the name PPC usually involves a certain amount of money to be paid for each click that the website gets while organic traffic generated by the SEO strategy is free. When advertising using PPC however various factors affect its pricing that you need to be familiar with. These factors include the keywords popularity, number of websites that are interested in using the same keyword, the quantity advertisers that want to use the keyword among other things. All in all, as a website owner, you are only obligated to pay for the clicks on your link regardless of the number of views you may have.

SEO, on the other hand, involves putting in work to ensure Google sees your website as the most suitable search result for the specific keywords which you want to rank for. Considering the large number of websites all fighting for the top spots, it requires a lot of work and commitment to show your site’s authoritativeness and inspire trust making you rank high. You should be familiar with how search engines work or else it would be wise to hire professionals to help you get the desired SEO benefits. With that said ranking for SEO or getting organic traffic is free although you may have to indirectly pay for help PPC requires payment for your traffic.


Generally, PPC ads are more likely to convert their online traffic into prospective customers and consequently make sales. This is because webpages usually rank for more than one keyword so the online visitors may not be exactly looking for the product or service that has been presented on that page. PPC, on the other hand, is relatively more effective and you are likely to get clicks to your website from only clients who are interested in what your brand has to offer. Clients that are already interested simply need that final push to make purchases of your product or services and this generally makes them easy to convert compared to those who were not necessarily looking for the product or services that you deal in.


Both PPC and SEO are important parts of any internet marketing strategy and can both be used in increasing website traffic which can afterward be converted, long term customers. Bearing in mind that PPC produces results faster than SEO, SEO Agency in Warrington recommends that you should run PPC ads to help you test keywords that generally perform better than the rest before proceeding to use them to rank for SEO. You should also consider the use of PPC if your brand deals in high converting products considering clicks are usually from individuals that are already interested in your services or products. SEO takes a comparatively longer time before its results can be felt by the business however they can last for very long periods, unlike PPC which stops when you stop paying for them. Its organic traffic is earned free of charge although there may be indirect payments if you choose to hire professionals making it the best option on occasions where there is a limited budget for advertisements. Connect with Blue Whale Media Ltd today via Email: hello@bluewhalemedia.co.uk or call on 03332101218 and get expert internet marketing assistance from an experienced staff that would ensure your website’s success.