Rules of Content Writing

Rules of content writing

Rules of Content Writing

Being a content writer isn’t always black and white; there’s much more to think about—the tone of voice, the brand personality, the audience. Then there are specific pressures that come with content writing.

Content is considered one of the most critical parts to rank a website; it should be understood and taken care of. It’s not the most challenging task to become a content writer; it entirely leans on the person’s efforts and interests.

If you’re struggling, our content writing team at Blue Whale Media has come up with some rules they live by when writing content. Here are the rules of content writing that you need to know:

Be Original

How can you set your content apart from your competition?  Well, the answer is to be original. Getting your brand story straight is vital when it comes to creating original content. A good brand story can also go a long way to building your brand identity and using your brand tone of voice will help bring your brand point of view to life. This will also help you further understand your brand’s mission with every piece of content you write.

Know Your Audience

It may sound simple. However, many writers put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard before thinking about who they are trying to reach. Ask yourself, who are your audience and when they are online or most active? Knowing your audience’s goals and what they care about will help you create better content for them. You will also discover how your brand can benefit their daily lives.

Keep in Mind the Keyword Research for SEO

Though your website visitors should remain your highest priority, keyword research for SEO does play an essential role during content writing. It helps you reach your target audience, maximise search engine hits and allows you to choose your website content wisely. Keyword research provides valuable insight into the queries that your target audience is actually searching on google. There are no “best” keywords to use, just those words highly searched by your audience.

Write Short, Simple Sentences

The short attention span of today’s reader demands sentences of 35 words or fewer. Website content that is accessible and easy to read will naturally reach a wider audience. Use language that your audience will actually read and understand; this will help you give your content personality, empathy and emotion.

Repetition is not Key

Repetitive content can be penalised by Google, regardless of whether it is on multiple pages. Either combine two pages to make a unique page of similar content or a similar subject. Often repetition in our content and when writing is so evident that we wonder how on earth, we missed it.

There you have it – a few content rules can help you with your content creation. Remember, content writing should be a fun part of the design process as you help bring the tone of voice and brand personality to life.

Writing great content is never easy; why not head over to our content writing page for more information and see how Blue Whale Media can help you.