SEO For Bing VS SEO For Google

SEO For Bing VS SEO For Google

Even though there is a lot of information available on the internet today, it may be very hard for people online to locate the exact information they need without the help of search engines. These engines which include Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many others enable users to find specific information online using a keyword-based criteria that are specific to the various industries. According to SEO Agency in Warrington, these engines rank information for the various keywords and present the ones which they feel are the most relevant answers for the searches at the top of the list.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a crucial process through which websites ensure their content ranks high on the search results and consequently increases the probability of getting more targeted traffic to your site. Research has shown that people usually click on the top 3 links that are presented and significantly few scroll to the bottom before clicking on a link. For this reason, SEO becomes a cost-effective internet marketing option that you should always include as part of your marketing campaign considering the increased dependence of the internet for various functions today. Currently, the largest market shares have been dominated by Google which has made most website owners focus on it and forget to optimize for the other. Bing, for instance, has been noted for ease of traffic conversion compared to Google among other benefits however considering the dominance of Google in the markets, sites that are optimized for Google just need a little touch to rank well on the other sites as well.

Difference Between Bing and Google SEO

Typically, all search engines have the same function of easing the location of specific information online. Google and Bing share a significant amount of ranking factor which they both use for the evaluation of how a site should rank however there are some key differences between them which are detailed as below;

Organic backlinks

Backlinks, in essence, are certain avenues through which website owners can direct their audience to other relevant information usually on other websites. SEO Agency in Warrington believes these links are a sign of trust and authority within your niche considering no website will want to link to substandard content and risk losing their clientele. All in all, both Google and Bing value this trust indicator because it shows that clients are satisfied with your content and thus relevant which makes it worth sharing with other consumers. Google evaluates trust by analyzing the rank of sites that link to your content, giving more weight to those which are ranking higher compared to their other counterparts regardless of the number of these lowly ranking backlinks.

Similarly, Bing is also big on these high-quality organic backlinks from various market influencers however their weighting is quite different from that of Google. This search engine focuses on specific domain extensions, domain age and you are likely to rank relatively high on Bing if you have organic backlinks from domains that are already well-established particularly those which extensions that end with .org, .gov and .edu. Furthermore, Bing also focuses on the number of backlinks to your website however you should avoid the use of unscrupulous links or risk penalties that will negatively affect your SEO.

Use of keywords

Arguably, Google’s and Bing’s differences around keywords can be said to be the biggest difference between these two search engines. SEO Agency in Warrington revealed that Google is making improvements to ensure that its engine betters its accuracy in conducting searches through recognition of searchers’ intentions and interpretation of the various websites’ contextual cues. These improvements by Google in part rely on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning processes which have proved beneficial in understanding what the various web pages are about. This widens the search capability of the search engine, improves its efficiency and widens the search process without necessarily having to search for the exact keywords on the search boxes and thus improves the user experience.

Bing, on the other hand, is not as good with broad-matching keyword searches. I recommend the use of targeted keywords which will guarantee a better ranking on Bing’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS). As often as possible, you should as well include the pages content Meta description, site domain and title tags to better your ranking prospects.

Interactive media content

Videos, images and other audio files have become a daily part of online users with streaming platforms such as YouTube and Netflix recording hundreds of millions watched videos per day. This shows the increased consumption for audiovisual information which I would recommend to include in your SEO strategy to gain their associated benefits. Bing, as far as visual search is concerned can accurately comprehend the various type of content and understand flash websites. Google, on the other hand, cannot perceive audio-visual information the same ways humans do and depend on additional texts which describe the media files. The quality of the videos, as well as images, still has some significance to the search engine giant however do not have as many SEO benefits like the text-based content and you should, therefore, include relevant image alt texts and descriptors to enable high ranking of your media content.

Social media signals

Social media platforms are an integral part of our lives today where people communicate, meet, share data, etc. within the comfort of their homes. As far as SEO is concerned however, Google has maintained that social signals from such platforms have an influence in the ranking of various websites in spite of the many speculations which say otherwise. On the contrary, SEO Agency in Warrington confirmed that Bing acknowledges its use of social media signals in their ranking criteria and you should, therefore, include social media in your SEO strategy if you are interested in ranking high on Bing.


Even though Google is the dominant search engine controlling a significant share of the internet marketing system, you should optimize your website to ensure it ranks well on Bing, Yahoo, and other Search engines to increase your organic traffic and consequently the success of the business

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